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ARIES - March 21st - April 20th

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It was Woody Allen who observed that relationships are like sharks: they need to keep moving forward or else they die. With that interesting analogy in mind, consider where you stand with a particular person. The sky speaks of a stalemate of sorts of lack of progression in ways you would prefer to see it made. All would be easier if there weren't one or two hidden agendas or concealed developments occurring but if it is progress you wish to see between you and you-know-who, then transparency is needed. You're being encouraged to speak from the heart and make clear where you believe you stand. The coming week could bring more than one helpful opportunity to do precisely that..

We know, from experience, how wonderful hindsight can be. We also know frustration it can bring. It's easy to look back on past situations we found difficult or upsetting and identify instantly what we would have done differently and why. Yet, we forget how certain situations we're experiencing here and now will one day be looked upon similarly. October presents you with an opportunity to reflect upon a situation that confused, irritated or even hurt you. With the benefit of hindsight, you can apply knowledge gained to a repeat scenario and, this time, won't feel it got the better of you. You will know what to do when the time comes and succeed admirably.

Aries Zodiac Symbol: The Ram

Aries Daily Horoscope

"The Ram will ever cherish hopes; he will rise from the sudden shipwreck of his affairs to abundant wealth" (Manilius, 1st Century)

Many people think of the Ram as symbolizing a battle with rivals. It also reflects other qualities of those born under Aries, such as determination, hotheadedness, and being adventurous.

Astrological Element: Fire

Each zodiac sign is commonly assigned an element, with Aries being a fire sign. In ancient philosophy fire is often associated with keeping us warm and providing new resources. Related to Aries it's also said to indicate physical attributes such as energy, or a fiery personality.

Star-stone: Diamond

This is the gem most closely related to Aries, and its ruling planet of Mars. Not to be confused with a birthstone, said to relate to the month someone is born, rather than the star sign.

Wearing the diamond is said to provide balance, clarity, and abundance in the wearer's life. It is also said to increase inner strength and enhance relationships. Some also believe the stone has healing properties relating to brain diseases and drawing out toxins from the body.

Aries Characteristics:

Star signs are related to both positive and negative characteristics in a person. Arians are commonly known as; Adventurous, Energetic, Confident, Selfish, Impatient Daredevils.

Arians are also said to make good leaders, and will likely inspire others with their courage, creativity, and strong personalities.

Compatibility with Aries:

Astrologers compare the characteristics of each star sign to work out which signs are likely to be compatible with each other, in terms of friendship and relationships. They also relate this to the elements.

Fire signs should get on best with other fire signs (Leo and Sagittarius) or Air Signs (Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius).Taking the belief back to nature, water will drown a fire and earth smothers it. So it was predicted that the star signs under water and earth elements won't be compatible with Aries.

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