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Meditation and Magick

Posted by J. Roslyn Antle on 11/22/2015 to Occult Weekly

With all of the hodgepodge, pandemonium, and even topsy-turviness in the world today our daily thoughts can be easily cluttered. No doubt it is a difficult task to keep track of the happenings at work and home in addition to both the domestic news broadcasts and the news abroad. Upon waking in the morning, one might be thinking about the paperwork that needs to be submitted at the end of the day. However, at the end of the day, this paperwork might constitute a mere side note to the bigger news of a natural disaster or the winner of the Bulgarian version of Big Brother: Season Five. When we try to focus on one thing, it is common that our pattern of thought drifts to another topic - a tangent that is not necessarily desirable to accomplish a goal at hand.

Objects of Power

Posted by Cormac O'Dwyer on 11/15/2015 to Occult Weekly

Many of the great mythological odysseys encompass the search for a great object of power. Some of these objects were said to have been created through Magickal means, while others are composed of Magickal formation that have existed since the dawn of time. These objects of power went beyond the ordinary, and allowed the individual who possessed that object great invaluable powers, whether it fell into the hands of a mortal, a demigod, or an immortal herself. While many of these objects have been discarded as purely mythological, others have been given thorough examination, with some individuals still believing in their existence.

Four Powers of the Magus

Posted by Cormac O'Dwyer on 11/8/2015 to Occult Weekly
magusThough any individual can choose to pursue a Magickal path, this choice alone does not guarantee success in practice. It takes not only an interest in the subject, but true dedication, a willingness to learn, and the ability to maintain intense focus, coupled with years of trial and error. Only then can an individual who has chosen this path find achievement in Ceremonial Magick, or Rituals, and individualized reverence.

White Witch Or Black Witch?

Posted by Monique Hargrove on 11/1/2015 to Occult Weekly
WitchcraftPerhaps the most prominent misconception about Wicca or witchcraft is that a witch has to be either a practitioner of black magic or white magic. If you carry out research online, you will find that there are websites where the ‘white’ witches are willing to help you cast spells for a huge amount of money. People believe that a white witch is a good witch but a black witch is an evil one. On the other hand, what they tend to forget is that in witchcraft, there is no such thing as a white witch or a black witch because all the witches are just witches

Haunted Houses

Posted by Stephenie Crowe on 10/25/2015 to Occult Weekly
WitchcraftAs history is often defined by the political actions of nations, we are able to trace the impact of legislation on witchcraft in various locations throughout time. These decrees were sometimes oppressive, though others were constructive for the progress of the Craft. As we will discuss today, the implication of even others has yet to be known. For example, the Inquisition, or the Roman Catholic Church’s official policy on heretics, commenced an epoch of persecution for witches and other non-Christians alike, while the United States’ Bill of Rights permitted religious freedom for all citizens. In Great Britain, the Witchcraft Acts of the 16th century made the pursuit of this spiritual path penalized by death, while the Repeal of the Witchcraft Act of 1735 made way for underground neopagan groups to surface. There are many more historical regulations of this nature, though today we pay tribute to the decision of the New York case Stambovsky vs. Ackley.