12 Days of Yule – Ritual Spell

That magical time of year is approaching – Yule!

It is a time for celebrating and having fun with family and friends. For many, it is the most important celebration of the year. You may well ask yourself – how can I make sure this is a successful holiday season? As we all know, it can be a stressful period.

Often Yule becomes a festival of excess. There can be too much concentration gifts and materialism. Disagreements and fighting between loved ones can often get in the way. There is the pressure of cooking and entertaining. It’s enough to exhaust anyone, at a time that should be about joy.

 An unhappy Yule season means we enter the New Year tired and dispirited.


Here at the 7witches Coven, we feel it is important to make sure that your festive season is filled with happiness and peace. We can make sure this Festive Season goes smoothly with an extra special ritual.

The 12 Days of Yule Ritual Spell is our great celebration. This is something we have been building up to all year. This is Magick on a grand scale. Here at the 7witches Coven, we have a reputation for being a focus point for Yuletime celebration, and the 12 Days of Yule Ritual Spell is a big part of that.

You can take your place in this great ceremony of Magickal power. Let it energize and enrich your Yule season. When you think back to happy Yuletides in years to come, this is the one that will stand out.

The Yule Ritual is extra special in how it gets stronger by the day!

We have been specially preparing a selection of Yule Logs. These come from a specially grown tree, imported from the high mountains of Alaska. It has been growing under the beautiful colours of the Northern Lights for over twenty years. The natural music of the mountain wolves has enriched the timber with winter Magick.

Harvested from a sustainable forest, and grown especially for this ceremony, the tree we use for the Yule Logs is blessed and marked with powerful symbols that will crackle and burn with all the energy and fire needed to light up this time of year.

Every night, a new log will be fed into the fire. It will be burnt alongside a special part of the Yule Tree which will help empower our Ritual.


1st night (Dec. 13): Lighting of the Yule Log Ritual – Wood from the base of the tree is used to light the ritual, alongside the Yule log. This symbolizes the basis that a good beginning has in the Yule Season.

2nd night (Dec. 14): Peaceful Holidays Ritual – Bark from the surface of the tree trunk is added to the fire. This natural ‘shield’ of the tree is burnt to transfer protection towards you and those you love.

3rd night (Dec. 15): Joy to the World Ritual – Fir needles, from the highest reaches of the tree, are fed into the fire, creating a rich incense-like smoke. These highest points of the tree symbolize your best hopes for the future, and empower the ritual as the smoke rises high into the night sky.

4th night (Dec. 16): Healthy Days Ritual – The strongest sections of the tree timbers are fed into the fire. This thick, healthy wood burns long and hard. It symbolizes the sturdy strength we wish to give to ourselves and our loved ones.

5th night (Dec. 17): Productive Days To Come Ritual – The fir cones of this tree are specially blessed and placed in the fire. Their productive power symbolizes the future, and the days of plenty that will follow this Yule.

6th night (Dec. 18): Chanting of the Names Ritual – On this night, special attention is paid to the names carved on the Yule Log, as the Witches trace the names in the night air with burning twigs from the tree.

7th night (Dec. 19): Spiritual Desires Ritual – The very heart of the tree is added to the flame, burning up and symbolizing the release of our innermost desires for the future.

8th night (Dec. 20): Happy Holidays Ritual – Red holly berries are added to the fire, popping and sizzling with a beautiful aroma. This symbolizes the fun and enjoyment that Yule will bring.

9th night (Dec. 21): Thanking of the Ancestors Ritual – Sections of the trees roots are ground up and cast over the fire, burning with a fierce flame, as we recall those who over passed away, and cannot be with us this Yule.

10th night (Dec. 22): Family Ties Ritual – Seeds from different generations of trees in the plantation are cast into the fire, symbolizing the importance of family ties that are strengthened at Yule. This is important in recognising the connection with Earth, and the sustainability of the Ritual.

11th night (Dec. 23): Calling of the Energies Ritual (for Day 12) – The remaining sections of the tree are added to the fire, gathering the vital energies needed for the Universal Ritual.  The fire will now be burning at its brightest and most powerful.

12th night (Dec. 24): see below:

The last night of the rituals (Dec. 24) is an extra-special one. By this date, the energies that the 7witches Coven have summoned are humming through the air, imparting their power and their joyful influence.

This gathered energy is released on Christmas Eve in a spectacular explosion of spiritual forces. We call this special Christmas Eve Spell, the Universal Ritual.

It is a Spell that is designed to give you the maximum exposure to prosperity. It unleashes a current of Yuletime Magick that is directed down the path of your name, and then flows through your home, infusing it with positivity and delight. This is the ultimate ritual that all the proceeding rituals have combined together to produce.

The way in which the 12 Days of Yule Ritual Spell can turn this special time into a fantastic and enjoyable season, that has no equal.

We present the below three options for the Yule Spell. We are happy to include you in our ritual.  With this being Yuletime, friends and family play an important part in this ritual.


  1. We will carve Your Name into the Yule Log that is burnt every night as part of each ritual, naming you as a focus point for our 12 Days of Yule celebration.
  2. We will carve up to 3 names  into the Yule Log.
  3. We will carve up to 7 Names into the Yule Log.


Please Note: This is a very popular Ritual, and space on the Yule Log is limited, so act now to ensure your place in this special ceremony. The 12 Days of Yule Ritual Spell cannot be requested after 6pm EST on December 13th.

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One thought on “12 Days of Yule – Ritual Spell

  1. I have ordered this the past 2 years I highly recommend this for all main reason ; on January 31,2014 is the year of the wooden horse what would be a better year to bring in this new year than to order this casting 1 of these spells alone would cost you the same price actually u are getting several for a very low price for just 1 wow you actually getting ; protection, peace, harmony, your wish ,goodwill, good health, happiness, giving thanks to all that have pasted , strengthen family ties wealth, success added love and much more today there is only 7 spots left .

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