Vile Vortices – When Planes Just Disappear

Missing AirplanesMany of us have been absorbed by the case of Malaysian Airlines flight MH370. How could a modern airliner could just disappear with hundreds of people on board? It’s a drama that has left the world baffled. The disappearance of the aircraft is as chilling as it is mysterious.

However, this sort of event is not without precedence. While there may be a perfectly good mechanical or technical reason for the plane suffering a crash – the absolute inability of the authorities to find a single trace of the aircraft is what is so perplexing. This sort of event has sadly been known to have occurred before, and often involves ‘zones’ where crashes and disappearances happen more frequently.

These zones are known as vortices, and their continued role in the loss of ships and aircraft has not abated.

As events unfolded in Asia, the focus of the search appeared to move to the south and west of the plane’s last position, towards the Indian Ocean. This moves the plane’s potential final resting place towards one of the ‘Vile Vortices’ that was identified by Ivan Sanderson in the 1970s.

The Wharton Basin is the name of this focus point, and it is based around a large section of the Indian Ocean directly to the west of Australia.

Sanderson understood these zones to special areas where the electromagnetic laws and the rules of our planet seemed to hold less sway than in the ‘normal’ regions of the Earth. It is an area that is synonymous with difficult navigating and is highly dangerous.

The Vortices

The most famous vortex is the Bermuda Triangle. This is a well-known area off the coast of Florida that is known to have played a role in the disappearance of a huge number of ships and planes, especially over the 20th century.

Examples include the five US navy planes of Flight 19, all of which vanished without a trace in 1945, and a transport plane carrying 32 people who vanished on a flight to Miami in 1948.

Other vortices locations include a zone in the centre of the Sahara desert in Africa, where an entire flight of US bombers lost their way and crashed during World War 2. More recently, this area was the scene of the tragic loss of a civilian airliner in 1989 with over 150 deaths. Tragedy seems to surround these spots.

Similarly, the ‘Devils Sea’ south of Japan has a reputation all of its own. It is recognised as being a zone where many ships simply disappeared in the 1950s. This marks it as one of the most dangerous vortices.

There have long been attempts to explain the reason for these disappearances in areas associated with vortices. The supernatural has often been pointed to as a potential reason. Many have put forward ideas that magnetic and navigational laws are disrupted in these areas. All we know for certain is that disappearances, such as in the case of the Malaysian Airlines flight, seem to be often linked with these distinct and mysterious areas.

This is also not the first high-profile aircraft to go missing in the same area where the Malaysian plane disappeared.

A mirror image of today’s situation occurred in the 1980s when the Straits of Malacca swallowed up a previous high profile victim, when Philip Upali Wijewardene, perhaps the biggest Sri Lankan businessman of the day. His private jet disappeared from radar screens without suddenly, and with no explanation.

Missing Malaysia Airline

Just like today, a massive search involving ships and planes from numerous countries could find no trace. It seems as if the ocean had swallowed up any trace of the famous politician and businessman. To this day, no trace has been found of the aircraft or those aboard.

The latest information seems to point to debris in the Indian Ocean, perilously close to the vortice zone. Any confirmation that the airliner was tragically lost in this zone would once again back up the vortice theory, and make unsettling reading for the rest of us.

What can we take away from these sad events? It seems that the Earth itself has not given up all her secrets yet. We cannot be so presumptuous to think that we understand all the areas and aspects of this planet.

There are mysterious and secret factors still at work today. They capture our imagination, our fears, and they continue to instil us with fear and a healthy respect for the planet that we inhabit.

Events like the disappearance of the Malaysian airliner are rare, but they remind us that we inhabit a world where strange and unexplained occurrences are very much still with us, and that there are regions of the planet that are beyond our full understanding.

Let us hope that the families of those missing find solace soon. In times such as this, meditation and generating positive energy can be useful – a source of peace in a painful time.

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Blessed Be!
Cormac O’Dwyer
Librarian and Senior Witch


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3 thoughts on “Vile Vortices – When Planes Just Disappear

  1. You know everything that was being said is so true; and people don’t like the unexplained. I was wondering, never looked it up, but do you remember that small town in Alaska… Way back everyone broke out with like the black plague. And then in the 70 or 80′s same town Kuktash. not sure how to spell it. I was wondering what was wrong with that area? If I wasn’t in the middle of homework and shopping I would have researched it more thorough. But, I did run across a interesting sight called spooky, scary, monsters in every state. The writer was making fun of most of it except for the picture of the pig. Maybe the people in that little town, had cabin fever–like Jack Nicholson in the famous line “Johnnies here.” All in all, I think when people believe in nothing it shows how egotistical and self centered humans are, to suggest we are the only thing in the middle of space that goes on forever. And, quite honestly, I think after, being on this earth for almost a Semi-centennial, I believe humans are the biggest monsters. The things that are done to children and animals are hideous. I know that I would not want to run into Ted Bundie, Dommer, any of them,day or night; And not just serial killers, mankind itself is evil.
    Just some food for thought, after having read that the earth is unknown, what a true statement. But, of course man is so smart nothing gets by him if he does not see it, it is not true. Sorry, on a soapbox not all people feel this way, but I have talked to many that believes that there is nothing but us.. the human.

  2. The Bermuda triangle has a very exaggerated reputation. A lot of the so called Bermuda triangle disappearances weren’t even near the alleged triangle. I won’t even bother reading the rest as you clearly haven’t bothered doing much research.

    • It’s true that the region referred to as the Bermuda Triangle can be quite loose. It can extend to certain parts of the Caribbean and out into the Atlantic Ocean. However, I believe it’s the way in which vessels and planes disappeared so dramatically in this rough zone (such as with Flight 19) has contributed to it becoming so notorious.

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