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GEMINI - May 22nd - June 21st

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How do you feel when you read your forecast and astrologers make a point of homing in on the fact that your ruling planet, Mercury, is once again retrograde? You might think we've taken the easy option and focused solely on the most obvious astrological development. Whilst the implications of a backward-moving Mercury cannot be ignored, there are always other factors and influences affecting your sign. In many ways, that sums up your situation now. This week, focus on so much that appears to be happening in the background where particular plans or even cherished goals are concerned. There is preparation to do. There are some essential conversations to be had. You have an excellent opportunity to put a plan or relationship on a much firmer footing and, if you focus on doing so, can make delightful progress.

When you say the word 'jump', how many people ask 'how high?' Hopefully, your management skills don't involve such discourteous tactics but, through seeing a noticeable increase in your ability to influence others of late, you're likely to see how much control or, dare I say it, power you have available to you this month. Others will undoubtedly be looking to you for guidance. You possess knowledge, experience or both that put you in a strong position to influence an outcome and very much in your favor. To do this though, you need a few people on your side. Take the lead, calmly and confidently, and you'll soon discover how willing others are to follow.

Gemini Zodiac Symbol: The Twins

Gemini Free Daily Horoscopes"The life of the Twins is a life of ease and unfading youth spent in the arms of love." (Manilius 1st Century)

As a symbol, the Twins have several different meanings for Gemini. They are most commonly associated with a dual or two sided personality. Often this is related to a Gemini being very flexible and adaptable, thus like two different personalities. The ruling planet of Gemini is Mercury, the planet of communication, and so The Twins also symbolize interaction and exchanging ideas.

Astrological Element: Air

Air represents some core human behaviors such as movement and it's also seen as a strong intellectual symbol. The power of the mind is strong among Gemini's, breeding many thinkers and communicators.

It can also represent freedom of speech. A fresh wind could also indicate new beginnings.

Star-Stone: Agate

Pearls and Moonstone have been related to Gemini but this link is associated with the month of birth rather than the star sign. Moss Agate is seen as the star-stone for Gemini. Wearers are said to obtain relief from depression and more finely tuned thoughts.

Gemini Characteristics:

As mentioned above, Gemini are great communicators and thus enjoy talking and socializing. An above average number of them work in the media, and they are also said to make persuasive sales people. Gemini are also lively and great at multitasking, but there is a down side to their characters. A Gemini can be a restless spirit that's easily bored. They are also filled with nervous energy that can lead to stress and depression.

Compatibility With Gemini:

Gemini often have a love of adventure, change, and new experiences, so often seek out those with similar characteristics. Gemini are at their best with other Gemini, and also get on well with Libra and Aquarius, the other air signs.

The fire signs of Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius do find common ground with a Gemini, but the relationships don't often go as deep as with an air sign.

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