Take on the New Year with Ease

As the chaos of the holidays gradually wind down and everyone settles into their routines again, it is not uncommon for the slow cold grasp of the winter blues, to begin to slowly tighten around some, this is how WintertimeWorries, one of our treasured readers felt leaving the past behind and welcoming the New Year.

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New Year's Resolutions

Today many of you are surrounded by friends and family, sharing stories of the past and wishes for the year to come. We all begin to think of how we can move forward and attain what we so desire. Last week, NeedingNewYearsResolutions, came to us seeking aid on how to make her resolutions carry over into 2017.

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Karma Spells to Make Amends

As the year 2016 comes to an end, here at the 7 Witches Coven we are all anticipating the fresh possibilities of the New Year. At this time of year, we often have many clients coming to us requesting year-end Karma Cleansings for the mistakes they made over the past year. Jean-Baptiste’s Vodou Karma Eraser Spell is by far one of the most requested for end of year Cleansings, and with good reason. When we approach a New Year we all begin thinking of ways to learn from our past indiscretions and enter the New Year with better outcomes. At least these are the feelings expressed to us by a long-time client of our Coven, RightMyRegrets. We have been working with him for quite some time, to rid him of the negativity which has often plagued his life. Here is the message he sent us below.

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DIY Witch Balls for Love & Peace

We have now officially reached the time of year when commercialism and the pressure to abide by modern values has peaked. As Practitioners of the true Craft it is often challenging to maintain our Pagan beliefs and customs while being bombarded with the popularity of Christmas. This is the exact problem one of our dearest brother practitioner messaged us to discuss. We have known this client for quite some time and had the pleasure of watching him grow in his Pagan beliefs and knowledge. It was truly a blessing for us to help guide his devotion through the coming Christmas haze. Here is his message, below.

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Feel Love on the Holidays

This week we received a consultation from a new client of the 7 Witches Coven. He was very troubled about his holiday plans. This situation is very understandable as this time of year is hard on us all. We asked him if we could use his message as an example this week because many of you have also been writing in expressing his sentiments. We want you all to know that in our Coven you belong and are loved, but there are ways you can get this type of acceptance from your other people as well. We will guide you and show you how.

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