Find your Home in a Coven

It is a universal experience of humanity to search for a place of belonging. Many of those who are drawn to the Occult have found solace and community by joining a Coven. If you are lonely and seeking the connection of others, you should also join a Coven. To begin, you must first and foremost figure out where your ultimate goals lie. There are many paths and not all of them are going to be right for you.

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What Type of Witch are You? Part II

There are many more types of Witches around the world; however we could be here for eons if we explored them all. I wanted to share with you the most common types of Witches who have crossed my path at one time or another.

Last week we explored the first three types of Witches: Traditional, Hereditary and Eclectic, in Part II you will uncover the remaining four.

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What Type of Witch are You?

In our Coven, we define Witches as any individual drawn towards the Craft. Even you as readers and those drawn to the benefits of Spellwork, are Witches. However, those who are new to the Craft, will fall under specific types of practitioners.

In this two part series you will uncover the 7 main types of witches, continue reading to find out where you belong.

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Attain Positive Energy to Enhance Your Spellwork

As a Coven of Practitioners dedicated to providing all of you with the service of Spellwork, we receive many questions about what one can do to “speed up” or “enhance” the results of their Spells.

A positive mind incurs positive results.

In a world full of background noise it is hard to block it all out and remain positive in our day to day lives. Making a positive change is trying in itself. However, here are some of the Coven’s teachings on how to bring your own Magick to life and make your dreams into reality.

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Create Magickal Energy in your Home

At this time of year when the weather becomes colder, we humans will begin retreating to our homes for cozy nights curled up in blankets. I thought it would be a wonderful idea to share with all of you how to create a home full of Magickal Energy. I decided to interview each Witch of our Coven and find out how they create an atmosphere for the nurturing of their individual Spirits.

Keep reading to find out how each of us creates our own Magickal Energy for our personal spaces.

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