There is great power in our thoughts that are capable of affecting our physical reality. The Intent we place creates thought forms that then alter the emotional and psychic structure of the universe. We can energetically enhance our energy fields and our environment, as well as our physical being by empowering the food and drink we take into our bodies. By placing our full awareness and positive intent on an object we become a conduit for the healing love that is the binding force of creation. In this way infinite and miraculous things are possible.

The research of Dr. Masaru Emoto shows water molecules change the shape of their crystalline structure based on the emotional field surrounding the water. Water from a wide range of places was frozen into ice and studied. The tap water from most areas created chaotic and fragmented crystals while other samples produced clear and beautiful snowflake designs. Tears caused by a wide variety of emotional states have been used to see the physical effect our thoughts and emotions have on the most abundant resource in our bodies. We are constantly changing our basic structure based on the way we feel and think.

There are many ways we can help improve the energy of the water we drink every day. The simplest is to hold the water while you think/say a prayer with the intention of infusing it with your energy. You can also write positive and healing words on the container the water is stored in. Repeating a word as a mantra or chant is also a common practice. Different colored vessels filled with water and crystals can be placed in the sun to help infuse a specific spectrum of energy. The water will absorb the energy of the color as well as the properties of the stones. There are some stones used to cleanse and purify the water itself. One commonly used grounding and cleansing stone is known as Shungite. It is known to be almost 2 billion years old and is a carbon based crystal comprised of some of the first organic life on the planet. It purifies water of almost all impurities including metals, bacteria, and micro-organisms. It contains many properties which promote health on the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies.

Another way of infusing your water with energy is through Sound, with vibrational healing frequencies and all forms of music. All sound can be positive and healing if it is produced with the right intent. On the most basic level simply speaking to your water has a profound affect. Taking this concept a step further we can alter the water inside of other living objects. This is part of the reason some gardeners alongside each other to strengthen the focusing of specific energies and can be used to influence not only water but our environment as a whole. By using our senses together we can learn to appreciate the basic vibrational nature of all energy in a multitude of different ways. If we harness our power and focus our intent we have the ability to create the world we desire, from the inside out.