Horoscopes in Depth - Aries

Aries (March 21 - April 19)

This is one of the most easily recognizable of star signs. The Ram that symbolizes the Aries sign is an apt choice – as many people born under this sign are forward-thinking and energetic. They’re not afraid to put their point across, and they are possessed of a natural vitality.

This is a Fire sign. It makes sense that that Arians can be some of the most passionate people out there. They are often determined, and when they set their minds on something, they burn with a desire to complete it. Whatever their goals are, they will intensely follow them.

The constellation of Aries is located in the Northern Hemisphere. It has long been used as part of navigation, as sailors would use the steady location of the three bright stars within it to confirm their position and direction. This sign has long been associated with the Golden Fleece legend, and its character is partially informed by that great and heroic tale of Jason and the Argonauts. That seems more than fitting for a sign that suggests bravery and boldness among those born under it.
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Horoscopes in Depth - Pisces

Pisces (Feb 18 – March 20) 

As February moves towards March, the signs in the heavens above us shift – and we enter the realm of Pisces. The symbol for this Zodiac sign has always been that of two fish, separate but bound together. The importance of fish, symbolic of the ocean, of freedom, but also of nourishment and livelihood for so many people cannot be overstated.

The fish symbols in the Pisces sign can be interpreted in many ways. Just as the fish that symbolize this sign swim free in the oceans and rivers, those born under this sign are free-thinkers and dreamers. Often some of the most imaginative people around, there is an inner life and zest to Pisces that can be truly beautiful.

It will come as no surprise to many that Pisces is a Water Sign. We will expand on the roles of the different elements in Zodiac signs in a separate article.
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Horoscopes in Depth – Aquarius

Aquarius (Jan 20 – Feb 18)

We are currently under the sign of the Water Carrier – Aquarius. This is a role that had great importance in the ancient world, as all life flowed from water. The person who carried and provided it was therefore very important.

This sign is governed by the planet Uranus. The constellation of Aquarius is not one that is overly visible, rather it sits back in the night sky, and some studying of the sky is required before the shape reveals itself. It is said that the nature of someone born under the sign of Aquarius needs to be discovered – it is not a completely open personality.
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Horoscopes in Depth – Capricorn

At the heart of winter, a sign arises that is one of the most recognizable of all of the Zodiac signs. Capricorn is often depicted as a goat suspended in the heavens. Occasionally, it is also depicted as a goat with the lower body of a fish, though this is a more modern representation with basis in the Sumerian culture.

Capricorn is one of the classical constellations. It was first depicted by the ancient Babylonians, the civilization from whom most of our understandings of the constellations are descended. Greek legend has it that this goat represents Amalthea, who gave milk to Zeus as an infant and kept him alive. It is for this reason the animal was glorified and given a lasting place in the heavens.
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Horoscopes in Depth – Sagittarius

Sagittarius HoroscopeThere is a constellation that rises as the festive season really gets underway. Sagittarius is a beautiful sign that is symbolized by that great mythical beast, the Centaur. It seems only correct that there should be a sign in the Zodiac that is reserved for the hunter, a profession and craft that was so essential to ancient civilizations and peoples.

The constellation itself appears when the holiday season is in full swing. The distinctive shape of the ‘bow’ that the centaur carries is one of the most defining qualities of this sign. There is little or no confusion about the position of the sign, as it blazes away with some very visible nebula. It is truly one of the more spectacular of the constellations that make up the Zodiac. Legend has it that it was originally placed in the sky by the Greek God Chiron, in order to aide Jason and the Argonauts as they quested to find the Golden Fleece.

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