Horoscopes in Depth - Gemini

Gemini Horoscope As we continue our series of horoscope pieces, we come to one of the best known of the Zodiac signs. Gemini is famous for being symbolized by a pair of twins, who look down upon the world from their positions high above. With Taurus to the west and Cancer to the east, they come to prominence just as summer really begins to get underway. For that reason alone, it is often one of the most beloved signs – not to mention that the occurrence of twins during birth was rumoured to be much more likely over this period.

The twin nature of this sign, with two parallel arcs of stars facing each other is very symbolic. Those who are born under the Gemini sign are ones who find peace when in the company of others more often than not. While they may well have a solitary side, there is a certain spark present among them that is easily observable.

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Horoscopes in Depth - Taurus


Taurus (20 April – 20 May)

As the sky edges closer to its brighter summertime, the sign of Taurus comes to prominence.

The great bull, as this sign is known, imparts its influence on those that are born while it is shining away prominently. Moreso than other signs, what we know about the influence of Taurus is a little bit more concrete. The qualities that the people born under it receive are nevertheless both as positive and negative as any other sign in the pantheon.

One aspect of this sign which is often cherished is an appreciation for and a connection with nature. It is actually quite common across those born under Taurus, and it speaks of the earthy connection that the sign animal, the bull, represents. This is an aspect of the sign that is well recognised and respected.

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