Magick and Relationships - A Special Balance

Here at the 7witches Coven, we are often approached with questions on Magick’s role within relationships.

If you are in an existing relationship, you might be somewhat unsure of the situations in which Magick can be best utilized.

It can be difficult to find the right balance at times. While Magick can help you through rough patches, we should also remember that relationships need to be worked on, in a very basic sense, if they are to survive long term. The spark that Magick can fan into a fiery romance still needs to be tended and looked after.

It’s for that reason that I often describe Magick as a great help when it comes to relationships, but it can’t be relied on to do all the work in a romance. We must work hard to maintain our relationships. Magick can empower us, but it cannot fight all our battles.

In this article, I hope to expand on the role that Love Magick can play. I hope it will be able to provide us with a clearer picture of how to use this great power in the most important relationships in our lives.

Many people may find that Magick could have played an initial role in bringing you together with your lover. This can be a truly wonderful thing.

This is especially the case when certain lovers are mutual practitioners, and find a shared love for the Craft is a great unifier. A romance between Witches is a union of two souls that are resonating to the same harmony.

Love Spells That WorkOther people may have employed Love Magick, in the form of Spells, to help the seeds of love between them blossom and grow. Perhaps they have used a particular tradition of Magick to lessen the distance between each other, or to fan sparks of attraction into a full-blown romance.

One of the best images to use when outlining Magick’s role in relationships is that of a young plant, reaching upwards towards the sun. The plant is Love, and it is cared for by a considerate gardener.

The plant has basic requirements. It must first grow from a viable seed. As it unfolds, it will need soil, sunlight and water to flourish.

Magick itself can be understood as the special care that the gardener gives to the flower. It trims and cares for the plant, sprinkles it with fertilizer when it needs a boost, and protects it from external threats.

Yet, no matter how hard the gardener looks after the plant - without the basic requirements of soil, sunlight and water, the plant is in danger of wilting as it grows. Thus, without the vital tenants of communication, commitment and consideration, the romance will find it difficult flourish in the long-term.

Given these three basic needs, and the attentive help of Magickal assistance, the plant has a great chance of success. It will soon blossom and can grow into a romance for the ages.

All of this does not undermine the powerful influence that Magick has in personal relations like this. Used wisely, it can be vital, particularly in the early stages of the romance, and can help considerably as things progress.

It seems clear to me that Magick can be a wonderfully positive influence, especially in the vulnerable early stages of a romance. The influence of Magick that eases the flow of romance can be genuinely fantastic, be it Wiccan, Hoodoo, or from any other tradition.

It is also used when the relationship is under stress. We often find that individuals can experience ‘itches’ in their union. Perhaps there has been temptation or a lack of respect. Sometimes this happens even after years of happiness.

So, while the fairy tales often paint a simple picture of everlasting love after a Love Potion has been drunk, or a Love Spell has been Cast, they don’t address the honest work that firms up so many relationships.

We have often been approached at the 7witches Coven by people who have found that their love affairs don’t seem to be working out, even after they have employed a Love Spell. Often, things seem to be going great at the start, but as time goes by, problems and issues arise. The romance itself can be threatened by issues and problems between the two partners.

SunriseI have had to point out to individuals that no love Spell can be formulated that will fix every problem that confronts a relationship. The relationship must be guided through storms. The passion that Magick can inject into such a union can be very useful, and it may well ease things, but it is no replacement for understanding and commitment.

Combined with the basic tenants of tending your relationship, Magick can add a very special spark to things. If you need energy or a special jolt to re-invigorate things, there are many Magickal options to turn to.

I believe the best approach is to strike a balance between the basic maintenance of the relationship, and a sprinkling of Magick on top to keep things sweet. Every relationship is different, but this seems to me both a prudent and fun approach.

There is also the important point of not misidentifying your Magickal needs.

A Protection Spell, rather than a Love Spell, may be just what’s required if you are facing external problems as a couple. Stressful life issues may cause a fracture to open up between you.

It’s important to remember that solving and concentrating on the main issue that is generating stress could be what’s really required. In that respect, keeping yourself and your lover safe with a different brand of Magick could be just what’s needed, rather than worrying about your attraction to each other.
We all know relationships can be fantastic, but a lot of work as well. Do you have a type of Spell that you turn to when things get tough? How do you feel about the need the balance Magick with the other needs that we have as people?

I’d be delighted to get your insight. Please feel free to leave a comment below, or leave a message on our Facebook Page.


My blessings upon you,

J. Roslyn Antle
High Priestess, The 7witches Coven
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