You may have noticed the growing trend of coloring books in your local bookstore or even on Amazon. Popularity aside, meditation with color is nothing new, but these books offer a new way of doing things for those having trouble with other methods. 

How it works: Meditation, in a very broad sense, is being able to clear your conscious mind and exist in a peaceful state. Regular meditation, even if only for fifteen minutes a day, can greatly improve your well-being. By using color in the process, it is possible to program your thoughts to be aware of new energies around you. This can be extremely beneficial when you have a specific problem that you can’t seem to find the answers to.

How to get started: Pick a design, what it is doesn’t really matter, and then pick the colors you want to work with. You can buy a coloring book, draw your own designs, or even print out a picture that appeals to you. Then, all you have to do is start adding color. I find it best to start with one color and try to use it continuously through the picture before moving on to another color. You can work with a limited palette, or as many colors as you have on hand. For working with all of the colors, I suggest that you try to follow the spectrum as you move along. 

Following the rainbow: This is a good method to use when starting out. It eliminates any worry over what color you should use next and allows you to simply concentrate on filling up the space while your mind clears. Another benefit to this method is that it helps to align the chakras if practiced regularly.

Colors have a strong impact on our subconscious mind. Below is a listing of color traits that you should find helpful.

Red – Stimulating, Vital, Energetic, Passionate
Orange – Exciting, Assertive, Joyful, Persistent
Yellow – Lighthearted, Carefree, Warm, Bright, Cheerful
Green – Soothing, Restful, Nurturing, Balancing
Blue – Calming, Sincerity, Loyalty, Justice, Intelligence
Indigo – Dignity, Wisdom, Inspiration, Intuition, Spirituality
Violet – Selfless, Loving, Tolerant, Imaginative
Pink – Gentle, Compassionate, Giving, Self-sacrificing
White – Purity, Innocence, Protection, Freedom
Brown – Grounding, Stability, Good health, Hard work
Black – Sophisticated, Powerful, Mysterious

Once you become more familiar with the colors and how they affect you, branch out, try blending different shades. Experiment! There’s much magic that can be done with the intention of colors on their own.