Divorce and Spells

These past few months we received a message from a brand new client of the 7Witches Coven. They shared with us a situation we have come to see far too often in the modern world of romance. We have now spoken and consulted with this precious Spirit, and can reassure all of you that with the Magickal guidance of 7Witches Coven, they are now on the road to recovery. However, with permission we would like to share with you their problems below.

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Achieve Your Full Potential

For this blog entry, I would like to share with all of you a consultation message which was recently sent to us at 7Witches Coven. The message was from a long time treasured customer of our Coven's services. So we asked him if we could share his message with all of you. His current struggle is one we have all experienced, so with his approval, here is his message below.

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How to Connect with Others

We have often received questions from all of you about how you can form better relationships, friendships and connections in general. It is true that life is extremely lonely when we cannot connect with others to share pieces of our days and our learned wisdom. Many of you have sought out our services to help you find your true twin flame. Others have come to us asking for help with re-connecting with family members and lost loved ones. We will be here to help and guide all of you until you are each fulfilled romantically and secure with those you hold dear.

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Connect with Your Departed

Throughout our Coven’s years of providing you with our Casting services, we have often encountered many questions pertaining to the world of Spirits. There have been times where many of you have written to ask us how you can contact the Spirits of your dearly departed loved ones. Other times you have written asking us to identify and banish Spirits you felt were haunting you. Some of you even have a burgeoning Gift of Sight. There are Spirits all around us but we have finally reached the eve of Samhain, October 31st, when the connection to the otherworld is closest to our reach.

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Find your Home in a Coven

It is a universal experience of humanity to search for a place of belonging. Many of those who are drawn to the Occult have found solace and community by joining a Coven. If you are lonely and seeking the connection of others, you should also join a Coven. To begin, you must first and foremost figure out where your ultimate goals lie. There are many paths and not all of them are going to be right for you.

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