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Open My Inner Eye Combo Spell

Open My Inner Eye Combo Spell
Pry open your third eye.

Just a few examples of situations where the Open My Inner Eye Combo Spell can help:
  • You want to develop your Psychic Capacity.
  • You feel something Spiritual within you, struggling to get out.
  • You want to help yourself and others with your Gift.
This particularly powerful creation by Cormac increases your Spiritual awareness by increasing the scope and vision of your Inner eye. We all possess the Psychic abilities to some extent. Some are aware of their abilities, but have trouble controlling them properly. Others are still grasping for the awareness. 

Wherever you are on the Psychic spectrum, the Open My Inner Eye Combo Spell can help you advance to the next level. Feed your Gift. But remember: the more potent your Psychic abilities become, the greater responsibility you have to yourself and society to use them responsibly. 

Cormac has created a truly unique and powerful Spell by customizing and combining the Deep Aura Cleansing, the Deep Spiritual Cleansing, the Deep Chakra Cleansing, the Attunement Spell, and the See Beyond Sight Spell. The Open My Inner Eye Combo Spell can help your Psychic powers to surface and help you recognize the potential and function of your full abilities. 

Open My Inner Eye Combo Spell
5 Stars
Unbelievable Results
This spell really works. I have been able to see and feel things before they happen. At first it was kind of scary, but I love it. When ordering this spell, make sure you want to know things that are going to come to past. It''s amazing. The more I acknowledge, what is going on , the stronger my ability get. I can''t thank you enough.
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Reviewed by:  from Grand Blanc. on 5/5/2014
5 Stars
Open my inner eye spell
It''s been a month and I feel my powers are slowly but surely growing everyday. I lost my witches amulet so that may have delayed the process. Although, it really does work! I''m sure that in no time that I will completely obtain all the powers this spell produces. Thanks again, witches 7 coven for working your beautiful magick!
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Reviewed by:  from Los Angeles. on 6/18/2014
4 Stars
Cormac was very professional,I could feel the energy the 1st night of my triple cast. I am satisfied with the results so far, my energy shift is good I still await more results as it has only been a week since the spell...
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Reviewed by:  from STL. on 10/20/2014
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