More often than not meditation is intended to calm an individual and allow the free flow of thought. This is considered the standard meditative practice – one which permits the forethoughts of everyday life to take the back seat to matters of deeper significance pertaining to our existence. However, some individuals do seek something more from meditation. They do not just seek peace of mind within themselves, but rather are in search for a universal truth that few have found thus far. This is to say that some individuals have chosen meditative paths based upon the desire to achieve an out-of-body experience.
Sometimes referred to as OBE’s or OOBE’s, out-of-body experiences are in layman’s terms the spiritual travel into an altered realm of existence. Please note that an alternate realm is to be distinguished from an altered state of consciousness. Meditation is very useful in assisting an individual to induce an altered state of consciousness. This means that the individual is not thinking in the same manner in which they had been prior to meditating. As an example, if you had been thinking about what to prepare for dinner for your family prior to a meditation session, and afterwards are reflecting about the history of mankind, you have indeed succeeded in reaching an alternate consciousness. However, to reach an alternate realm of existence signifies that the self-essence, or soul, has wholly detached itself from the body, or physical realm, to reach the spiritual realm. It has been declared by Edgar Cayce amongst others who have claimed to access the Akasha Records that the spiritual realm is the domain of the divine.
Though it would seem as if an out-of-body experience represents the truest form of discovery and truth, it is not necessarily the most beneficial route to be taken. Moreover, this route is not always voluntary. Many individuals with epilepsy are more prone to these experiences, and the average "Joe" is likely unable to reach the spiritual realm regardless of the effort put forth.
Additionally, if an individual seeks an out-of-body experience, there are certain warnings that must be heeded. The conscious stride to become a conscious visitor in the spiritual realm often stems from a strong desire to know more about the divine. Some individuals, however, take this a step farther and utilize these experiences to acquire divine qualities. In Wicca, as well as other religions, the practice of invocation is used to summon a deity within the human who now only serves as an avatar. If the invocation is successful, the individual who is acting as an avatar might attempt to remain in the spiritual realm while the divine would be stuck in the physical realm. This, in essence, is a form of deification in which the human body now holds divine power and the human soul remains with Akasha.