Maintaining an appropriate equilibrium of energy in your body is essential in finding emotional and mental stability. This stability is not only important when Casting or participating in Rituals, but also for your own peace of mind. When you know what to expect from yourself, it facilitates the process of understanding your capabilities, harmonizing with your natural surroundings, and accepting yourself as a necessary part of the Divine’s workings.

Though it might seem simple enough that each and every individual has their own unique level of energy, it is the balance, not the level itself that defines if one’s personal energy is appropriate for them. It is not a matter of having a ‘normal’ level of energy, but rather of having the right amount of energy that allows you to stay active and keep the blood flowing as they say, but also to take a step back, reflect, and relax to keep your sense about you. Therefore, it is very possible that an individual who might be considered slothful in another’s eyes might have actually achieved this important balance because they naturally have less inherent energy appropriated to them. The same would be true for an individual who has been given what would seem to be an excess of energy if they are able to allocate it in a meaningful way.

If we delve to the smallest of the Divine’s creations on Earth and beyond, we find quarks and electrons, though it is certainly possible that science will discover even smaller particles. These particles are considered a form of matter, but are pure energy as well. They are found within each and every one of us as well as every living organism. However, there is not usually an equal amount of this energy within each member of the same species. This explains the discrepancy as to why some of us may seem to be more energetic than others. It is not an advantage or disadvantage, nor is it a random occurrence. Instead, this inconsistency allows each individual to encounter a different challenge in maintaining the balance of their personal energy.

It is often said that one’s Aura is their negative energy, or etheric double. This means that with all of the internal energy that we possess, there is a thin layer where the excess energy is disposed. This layer, combined with certain mental and emotional layers, composes your Aura. The energy layer, however, is integral, as it is closest to your center and often determines whether your emotional and mental layers are in need of a cleansing. If you are not using your personal energy properly, then this energy layer of your Aura will be polluted with these anterior objectives. If this is the case, then this first layer becomes muddy and polluted, and does not transmute properly into the further layers of your Aura. Unless the Aura is cleansed, this negative energy turned to muck will further inhibit your emotional and mental qualities from shining through as they should.

While an Aura Cleansing is an efficient starting point towards renewing oneself and finding the necessary balance of personal balance, it is up to you to maintain this balance and keep your Aura clean. You can get a better idea of the physical aspect of this idea by studying the Chakras, or your body’s main energy centers. By exercising these centers, you can relieve yourself of great pressure and thus release yourself of this superfluous energy. Meditation is also very important. In Wicca, we often use the terms Grounding and Centering. This are complex ideas, but basically Grounding means finding the root of your energy, to keep yourself attached to what is important while shedding yourself of the excess personal energy. Centering is more of a mental exercise, allowing you to use breathing techniques to focus your thoughts. In the end, whatever you call your individual meditation, as long as you make a concerted effort to balance your personal energy, then you are doing the Divine’s will. If you have any questions about meditation techniques, we would be more than happy to help.