There exist in the world wellsprings of magickal energy. Surely you’ve felt them; walking into a perfectly normal room, yet feeling a sense of dread unconnected to your life. There are places that you look up and marvel, because someone sought to build on that spot. That is because the places around us are often receptacles for magickal energy. We not only draw from the space, but imbue them as well. A smart architect is either one who draws from the wellspring to design the building, or one who uses the building to shape the lay of the land. 

Look at places of the ancient world, such as the Library of Alexandria. Hailed as a font of knowledge during the Ptolemaic Dynasty, it served as a major center of scholarship, with lecture halls, and rooms upon rooms with papyrus scrolls and codices. 

Such a location, while perhaps unremarkable at first, has been imbued with centuries of knowledge, meticulously gathered and brought. While not a slight to any of our modern libraries, it requires somewhat less effort and exertion to complete. Even now, in 2002, they completed the Biblioteca Alexandrina, an homage to the original, serving as a modern library successor, though not nearly to the extent that the Library of Alexandria once was. This is perhaps due to the idea that they ultimately felt like nothing else really belonged in that spot, so an homage would serve as the best possible choice. In this sense, they have chosen to preserve the aura and spiritual flow of the place.

These areas serve almost like portals for the energy that was stored in them, allowing humans to tap into it in the form of emotion, ambition, or drive. At times they fill us with dread, despair, malaise, and other such negative emotions. Even though the library was destroyed centuries ago (and multiple times throughout ancient history), the ravages of war were not enough to dampen the spirit of the land there. Such is the same with a “haunted” place, where the dark energy is so prevalent that even an exorcism or cleansing will still leave the air foul and dank.

When you’re out on a walk, take it as an opportunity to see if you can sense these ancient fonts of power - the world has been around for a very long time, and ancient peoples and ancestors have left behind little hidden gifts. When you find them, be respectful and reverent, they prove to be excellent spots for meditation and reflection, for prayer or for simply being at peace. Different wellsprings will offer differing feelings, ranging from the serenity for meditation, to the drive for physical training. It is up to you to find the locations, and allow them to influence you as you need.