J. Roslyn Antle AmuletJ. Roslyn Antle's Amulet (shown here) is a very powerful talisman that can be added on to any Spell cast by J. Roslyn Antle.

High Priestess J. Roslyn Antle is known and respected by many for her experience in Witchcraft and Magick. Following her Third Degree Initiation many years ago, High Priestess Antle envisioned a Coven whose members would possess various occult specialties. Her vision was realized in the creation of the 7witches Coven. The establishment of the 7witches Coven has been a blessing to many individuals in need and has allowed High Priestess Antle the ability to reach more people than she could have done alone. Each member of the Coven was personally recruited by the High Priestess and acts in accordance with her high standards.

While possessing knowledge in all realms of Witchcraft and Magick, High Priestess Antle is an acknowledged master of both divination and dream interpretation. Her Spellcasting abilities and her experience with numerous Wiccan traditions have made High Priestess Antle one of the most consulted Witches in the world today.

It takes many years for a Witch to accumulate the experience and skill possessed by High Priestess Antle. She does not take her skills lightly. Those who seek her assistance will often find themselves receiving wise counsel prior to the casting of a Spell. She is always conscious of the ramifications of any Spell she casts.

Hers is truly a Magickal life, lived each day in wonder and awe. In her rare moments of solitude, High Priestess Antle can often be found reading or listening to classical music. Her life’s work has been devoted to helping others grow spiritually and realize their highest path and purpose. She takes great pleasure in knowing that those she has invited into the 7witches Coven are committed to carrying on a great legacy of service through Witchcraft and Magick.

In addition to offering all the Spells in our Standard Spells section, J. Roslyn Antle specializes in Ultimate Spells, which you can find here.