AQUARIUS - January 20th - February 18th

Aquarius Zodiac Symbol: The Water Carrier

Aquarius Free Daily Horoscope"A gentle sort and a lovable breed- no meanness of heart is theirs, and of riches they have neither need nor surfeit." (Manilius 1st Century)

The Water Carrier has been associated throughout history with the gods, and how they nourish and energize the earth. One of the first and most famous Water Carrier's was the Greek God Zeus.

Astrological Element: Air

Air in the zodiac symbolizes both intellect and communication. Air signs are also traditionally great thinkers, and love to analyze situations. Just like the wind they won't always be calm and collected, so look out for the raging storms. Fresh winds can also indicate movement and new beginnings.

Star-Stone: Turquoise

Turquoise stones are often found, and mined in Australia, South America, Iran and Tibet. It ranges in color from sky blue to green and has many mystical properties. It was said to help prevent falling from horses, and when fixed to a bow would ensure arrows would always hit their target. In modern times the stone has also been linked to happiness and good fortune.

Aquarius Characteristics:

Aquarians are one of the few star signs you can't really generalize about, as no two are alike. Individuality is the main buzz word with this sign, which can sometimes mean they are hard to relate to and understand. An Aquarian can be unpredictable and will often add surprising opinions to a debate.

Compatibility With Aquarius:

An Aquarian is a creative, independent spirit, so will generally not be a match with those star signs that are dependent in nature. Although they desire intellectual stimulation, they can flourish in many relationships that give them the freedom to do so. This outlook on life and their creative nature means they will get on best with other air signs, (Gemini and Libra), and fire signs, (Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius).