Fall has always been a time of great exciting change. When we were children, it was the beginning of the new school year. It was a time when the possibility of new friendships, new discoveries and new experiences were surely on the horizon. September was the first month of a promised year, full of beautiful new beginnings to excite a young spirit.

As adults we no longer have the security of those long forgotten “Back to School” days and it is easy to feel lost and left out in the cold. I thought I would take this time to share with you an autumnal secret from us here in 7 Witches Coven. I will tell you, dear readers, whenever my fellow practitioners and I feel lost, we take one very simple step.

We look to the direction of the Wind.

Indeed, there is no simpler way to find inspirational direction in the cold of autumn, then to close your eyes and be guided by the direction of the Wind. Below, is a guide to reading the messages of the Wind.

1. The North Wind guides you to an Ending

The North wind is known to represent change and death. However, fear not the idea of death for in this case it is figurative for a simple ending. Though the wind can guide to the ending of an undesirable situation, it can also be the sign of hard times ahead. The sudden cold of the North Wind transports great danger to humans. So during movements of the North Wind, it is best to be careful, and think on your skills of preservation. Steel yourself for any change which may be ahead.

2. The East Wind guides you to a New Beginning

As the North Wind brings you to an ending, the complementary East Wind will guide you through to a new path. It is known as the wind of renewing life. Just as the Sun rises in the East, the East Wind will figuratively guide you into a new day. So during movements of the East Wind, prepare yourself for a wonderful active day of youthful creation and the discovery of new opportunities.

3. The South Wind guides you to Invigorating Passion

While the East Wind brings you to a new path, the South Wind will give you the enthusiasm to walk upon it. The South wind often represents romance and new love. It is the heated Wind from the hotter regions of the world. When you encounter the South Wind, know that vitality and excitement will soon be yours. It is a time to embrace the excitement of new love and the heady mania of memories for hot summer days.

4. The West Wind guides you to Inner Healing

After the heady passion of the South Wind, comes the healing rejuvenating power of the West Wind. The West wind often represents tender love, healing and cleansing. Think of the West Wind as the Sunset, a time for relaxing and preparing for bed. When you feel the West Wind, know that is now time for you to nourish your body and prepare for the night. Now is the time to feel revitalized by showing love for yourself and others.

Autumn is not solely the time to watch the leaves fall and the animals hibernate. It is also the best time to be guided to your newest path; for it is the one time in the year where the Earth bends to the will of the Wind. Next time you are feeling lost in the cold, simply lick your finger and hold it in the air. Feel the power of the Wind swirling around your mortal body and take comfort in the possibilities being shown to you. The Wind is there to help you, so all you must do is listen close.