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Balance Your Relationship Spell

Balance Your Relationship Spell
Tip the scales.

Just a few examples of situations where the Balance Your Relationship Spell can help:
  • You want a more equal and fair relationship.
  • You are not getting a fair say in decisions.
  • You desire a relationship without a 'dominant' partner.
The best relationships are made up of two equal partners.

If you are finding you're not being treated fairly in your relationship, the Balance Your Relationship Spell is perfect for you. While it's true that every relationship is different, there is a need for understanding and compassion in each one - and this includes listening to your point of view and being treated with real consideration. After all, the relationship wouldn't exist without you.

The Balance Your Relationship Spell works by infusing new Magickal energy into the relationship, lifting up your role in the eyes of your partner. This can help convince them that you play a vital part in what you are both sharing.

While the Balance Your Relationship Spell is not designed to give you dominance over your partner, it is very useful when you want to right any wrongs between you. This is a great choice if you're working towards that loving understanding that all great lovers share.

Balance Your Relationship Spell
4 Stars
Balance relationship spell
Although its early days regarding my spell results, it certainly does appear that my partner is being more considerate of my needs and wants and is beginning to listen to me! I want to thank Cormac for being amazing and helpful, also the coven..x
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Reviewed by:  from Hemel hempstead. on 6/25/2013
4 Stars
I think it must be helping
Since having this spell cast, I experienced some insight as to how I tended to put myself down a bit in front of my boyfriend, and how I wasn''t loving and respecting myself enough. This may have come across as a lack of confidence (to him), which I never realised before. I have stopped doing that now, which in turn has made him treat me better too. In addition, the last couple of times that he has been moody and argumentative, he has later seemed to really made an effort to make things right between us again, I can see that he is trying more. I think the spell is part of what has made the change. Its still early days yet, but I already feel like I have more power and confidence, and he also seems more ready to made amennds, which is very promising. Many thanks 7witches.
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Reviewed by:  from Internet. on 1/10/2014
5 Stars
The Balance spell
Hi I had the Balance spell cast 14 days ago and literally within 2 days one of the people I would like a more balanced relationship contacted me and organised dinner (that is happening tonight) and within 2 weeks the other person I want more equality with messaged me, completely out of the blue. I have wanted an equal relationship with both of these people as I always feel like it's me that puts all the effort in - very early days yet but such a positive start!!
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Reviewed by:  from Australia. on 8/27/2014
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