Near the end of April and beginning of May, halfway between the Spring Equinox and the Summer Solstice, you will find the Sabbat of Beltane. The Earth has awoken and is bringing forth new life and new growth to abound. Depending on your tradition, there are a number of ways you can celebrate this Sabbat: Balefires, Crafting, Ceremonies, Cooking and Spring cleaning, to name a select few.

It is not always possible to create a Maypole in your yard or have a celebration of its kind in the city, however, you can make something on a smaller scale to draw abundance and new beginnings to you. We have been recently asked what other ways can one take part in this day. Last week we spoke of the Power of Art, we will continue with the theme and provide you with the tools to create a Beltane Wind Chime for this special day.

To create a Beltane Wind Chime, you must gather your supplies, you will need:

  1. Ribbon and fabrics in the various shades of Beltane colors:
    - Red: represents love, strength, vitality, passion, and vibrancy
    - White: represents cleansing to disperse negativity, harmony, and peace
    - Green: represents abundance, fertility, good fortune and growth
    - Purple: represents Spiritual growth
    - Yellow: represents Joy

  2. Symbolic decorative Items:

- Bells

- Flowers

- Feathers

  1. A Circular hoop:

- Embroidery hoop

- Wire hoop

- Craft your own from sticks and shrubbery

  1. Scissors

  2. Glue


  1. Cut the ribbon and fabric into various lengths

  2. Secure the ribbon and fabrics around the hoop with glue or simple knots until the hoop is full or to your liking. During this process envision what the colors represent and what you want to attain with the help of Gods, Goddesses, and the Earth

  3. Add your personal touch with Symbolic items

  4. Use a piece of thread or ribbon to hang your Beltane Wind Chime

  5. Place it within the trees or hang it inside your home to marvel at the beauty and reap the rewards

Whatever you do decide this Beltane, be sure to spread the joy throughout the land.