Seduction Using the Zodiac

“Seduction isn’t making someone do what they don’t want to do. It’s enticing someone into what they secretly want to do already.”

Seduction is a fine art that some people are born with innate talents for. Others have to work a little harder. The “Great Game”, as it were, keeps us all wrapped around one another, constantly vying for affection and attention. What do you win? Well, the ‘prize” varies greatly. Sometimes it’s a fling. Sometimes it’s a short romance or a tryst. Sometimes it’s a lifelong partner. Sometimes it’s a series of bed-friends. Sometimes it’s “The One”. Sometimes it’s many “The Ones”. 

Seduction isn’t necessarily always physical. Bear in mind that open, honest communication and an understanding of boundaries is the clearest way to establishing that connection. It doesn’t matter how “awkward” you are; honest, sincere communication will be the key.

But working up the confidence to do that is tricky; so we’ve compiled you a guideline based on Zodiac Sign, as sometimes the stars give us that little bit of guidance! Best of luck on all your endeavors, and always remember to respect the boundaries of your partners!
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Why Witches Are Feared

Anyone with any real knowledge regarding witchcraft know that the primary reason that witches are feared is due to the plethora of misinformation that has circulated for centuries.

However, there are some very specific skills that witches are rumored to possess which terrify the devoutly religious and superstitious alike.

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Magick and Relationships - A Special Balance

Magick and Relationships - A Special Balance

Here at the 7witches Coven, we are often approached with questions on Magick’s role within relationships.

If you are in an existing relationship, you might be somewhat unsure of the situations in which Magick can be best utilized.

It can be difficult to find the right balance at times. While Magick can help you through rough patches, we should also remember that relationships need to be worked on, in a very basic sense, if they are to survive long term. The spark that Magick can fan into a fiery romance still needs to be tended and looked after.

It’s for that reason that I often describe Magick as a great help when it comes to relationships, but it can’t be relied on to do all the work in a romance. We must work hard to maintain our relationships. Magick can empower us, but it cannot fight all our battles.

In this article, I hope to expand on the role that Love Magick can play. I hope it will be able to provide us with a clearer picture of how to use this great power in the most important relationships in our lives.

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The Summer Solstice Sunshine and Significance

The Summer Solstice Sunshine and Significance

The eternal dance continues. We are edging ever closer to June 21, and the Summer Solstice. This is the moment when the long evenings, the early dawns, and the energies that infuse our days, come to a peak. As our hemisphere completes its tilt towards the life-giving sun, on this date we experience the maximum amount of sunlight and daytime. This date is commonly celebrated as Midsummers Day. For many centuries and across numerous cultures, this powerful point in the calendar has been recognized. In Pagan Europe, this date was of huge significance and is still celebrated every year with bonfires across the Baltic countries and Scandinavia. These people keep the Summer Solstice tradition burning, literally.
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Candle Spells - The Ritual Use of Fire in Magick

The element of fire has long had a special role in Spellcasting.

Since the dawn of humanity, fire has played a very special role. Fire granted us warmth, security, light, and was a genuine factor in our success as a species. It lit our way and allowed us to thrive. This was the natural phenomenon that allowed us as humans to progress to the next level.

This special role that fire played in our success and development has given it a very special place in our hearts. It is a genuinely amazing natural process, and it is no surprise that fire has a unique place in our rituals and ceremonies. However, we also know it is a dangerous power and must be respected.

Since ancient times, mankind has ensured fire has had a central role in the religious rites and spiritual observances we have as a species. The candles that we see lit in the local church carry a spark of Magick from the dark ages before history began.

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