Helpful Practices – Before you Cast Your Own Spells.

Spell CastingWhen a Witch starts on his/her journey, they will often begin by using someone else's spells or rituals, or premade Spells.  While often these spells can work, they are not nearly as effective as if the Witch wrote it themselves.  Creating your own spells reflects your own individuality; they are tailored to your own needs and use your own brand of energy.  Writing your spells will allow you to have more freedom, choosing every which direction you want to follow.  Along with this freedom, comes great responsibility, you must think of all the repercussions these spells could entail.

Once you start creating your own Spells and Rituals, the next logical step will be casting it.  The number of different Spellcasters out there range from a variety of different belief systems; Pagans, Druids, Witch Doctors, Voodoo Priests, etc... The list is vast.  One example, in Wicca, we believe in the Wiccan rede.  There are a set of laws, or rules to follow when casting any spell, and some things to remember.  The rule of three comes to mind, "Mind the Three-fold Laws you should three times bad and three times good."  These are important factors to consider when you are planning to cast any spell.  Be aware of the good and always be wary of the risks. Think of the "ethics" behind your practice, and any implications that may follow by these actions.
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Holiday Classics This Halloween

What are your plans this Halloween?  Are you going to be handing out candy to all the ghouls and boys?  Conjuring up some of your own magic? Or simply sitting down with a bucket of popcorn and watching some Witchy Classics on your TV?

If you are going  to do the latter, here are some great holiday classics you may want to settle into the couch with on this Magickal night!
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Celebrate Halloween with the 7Witches

That special night, Halloween, is creeping up on us.

We cover all types of subjects in this newsletter, but this is an event everyone is familiar with. Magick and the Supernatural around this time of year aren't anything strange – it’s something we all actively look forward to.

You’ll be familiar with the groups of young children who roam our streets hunting for candy and fun - dressed as all manner of Supernatural beasts and creatures.

I smile when I see the young “witches” having fun with their pointed hats and broomsticks. It’s fun, and hard not to enjoy the funny image of cartoonish “witches”. Yet the whole carnival - Halloween in general - shows us how Magick and the legendary power of the Craft is so central to this annual celebration that almost everyone loves.
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Understanding Seasonal Moons

Moon SpellsWhile a majority of the countries of the world use a solar calendar, establishing the length of a year based upon the Earth’s rotation around the sun, some countries and groups use a lunar calendar. This means that one month is complete with a full cycle of the moon, from new moon to new moon. The lunar calendar year consists of twelve months, just like the solar calendar, yet each month is slightly shorter. Rather than the average month lasting more than 30 days such as in the solar calendar, each month in the lunar calendar is approximately 29.5 days.

Though the lunar calendar is just as legitimate as a timekeeper as the solar calendar, because most of the world uses the solar calendar, those who use the lunar calendar often compensate by adding an extra month every few years to stay with the rest of society. Those who use a form of the lunar calendar include Islamic states, Israel, China, and many Wiccans as well.
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Choose Your Favorite Pop Culture Witch

The unique thing about witches is that, unlike most other T.V & Movie monsters, witches are usually human. They rarely fall squarely under the good or evil category, which makes them more interesting than your average supernatural. You either love them or you love to hate them. With Halloween approaching we thought we would list some of our favorite witch characters over the years. We know we have not touched on all of them, so if you have someone that you feel that has been missed, please leave a comment below or on our Facebook Page.
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