Haunted Houses

WitchcraftAs history is often defined by the political actions of nations, we are able to trace the impact of legislation on witchcraft in various locations throughout time. These decrees were sometimes oppressive, though others were constructive for the progress of the Craft. As we will discuss today, the implication of even others has yet to be known. For example, the Inquisition, or the Roman Catholic Church’s official policy on heretics, commenced an epoch of persecution for witches and other non-Christians alike, while the United States’ Bill of Rights permitted religious freedom for all citizens. In Great Britain, the Witchcraft Acts of the 16th century made the pursuit of this spiritual path penalized by death, while the Repeal of the Witchcraft Act of 1735 made way for underground neopagan groups to surface. There are many more historical regulations of this nature, though today we pay tribute to the decision of the New York case Stambovsky vs. Ackley.
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The Afterlife in Wicca


What Happens After Death?

The issue concerning whether the soul survives post-mortem is a complex topic not only in Wicca, but in all organized religions and personal paths. Certain religions have designated a locale for the good souls to enter after death, as well as one for the bad souls. Others have eliminated the negative aspect of the afterlife, and claimed that all souls enter the place humanity labels as heaven.

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The Pentagram

WitchcraftThe meaning behind the Pentagram, a five pointed star, tends to be confused by many who both are familiar and new to witchcraft. This is a common symbol that exists in the neo-pagan Wicca but there are many people who are of the opinion that this symbol is associated with Satan and Satan worship. On the other hand, what many of them fail to realize is that just like an inverted cross is a sign that is associated with devil worship, likewise an inverted Pentagram is also associated with Satanism or evil.
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Occult Symbols

WitchcraftThere are different kinds of occult symbols that exist and at present, you will find that an increasing number of people are now using these symbols by wearing them or by displaying them because these signs are considered to be trendy. This is especially popular among the younger generations. On the other hand, it is important that you know what the symbol mean before you decide to use it by displaying it or by wearing it. You need to know that the occult symbols have double meanings and sometimes multiple meanings.
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