New Year’s Traditions

You might not quite have your party hat on yet, or by the time you read this, the celebration might be already done, but either way, let’s start this New Year out right – by discussing the New Year around the globe! In the United States, there are various New Year traditions. Many individuals make resolutions, to which they try to adhere to for the duration of the year, and hopefully after that. Additionally, you might watch the Big Ball drop in Times Square live or on your television. It is also a custom to kiss a loved one when the clock strikes midnight, perhaps in the middle of singing “Auld Lang Syne.” Like many other holidays, New Year’s traditions are usually specific to the location in which you reside.
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Yule - Traditions and History

One of the Lesser Sabbats of the year, Yule is celebrated on or around December 21st in observance of the rebirth of the Sun God, born annually from the Goddess. It is no coincidence that Yule falls on the Winter Solstice, the longest night of the year. Following the Solstice, days grow longer and the Sun remains in sight for a longer period of time daily until the Summer Solstice in June, signifying the growth of the Sun God after His rebirth. In Pagan Tradition, the Sun represents the Male Divinity who the Goddess had given birth to at the dawn of time. Every year, He is reborn from the Goddess to assist humanity with the Harvest and our Health.
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Horoscopes in Depth – Capricorn

At the heart of winter, a sign arises that is one of the most recognizable of all of the Zodiac signs. Capricorn is often depicted as a goat suspended in the heavens. Occasionally, it is also depicted as a goat with the lower body of a fish, though this is a more modern representation with basis in the Sumerian culture.

Capricorn is one of the classical constellations. It was first depicted by the ancient Babylonians, the civilization from whom most of our understandings of the constellations are descended. Greek legend has it that this goat represents Amalthea, who gave milk to Zeus as an infant and kept him alive. It is for this reason the animal was glorified and given a lasting place in the heavens.
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Winter Solstice - A Celebration of Life

Winter SolticeThere are few celebrations in the year that touch something deeper within us as much as the Winter Solstice celebration.

Picture the scene. It is the dead of Winter in ancient times. Snow is falling on the forest, and nothing grows. The nights get longer and longer, while the temperature drops. Then – a change. Slowly but surely, the sun grows stronger. Ice melts, flowers bloom, the sun shines and life returns.

This is the enchanting effect of the Winter Solstice. Such is the importance of the solstice, it’s hard to find a time when we did not celebrate this change. The currents that flow at this time of year are perfect for Spell Casting, and can be used in a way that is unique.

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Rituals of Cake & Wine

Cake & Wine RitualsNot everything about performing a Ritual is hard work. If you work hard, you can play hard too! Don’t get too excited, as these lines are actually just a tease. The cake and wine aspects of Wiccan Rituals are not part of the celebration, but rather they are an offering to the Divine – though you do get to partake in some of the eating and drinking of the Ritual, so long as you leave some left over. Just like the pagan rites of old, Wiccans today continue to make an offering prior to the Rituals, usually on Sabbats or Esbats, to ensure that the Divine will be present.
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