How To Channel Lunar Energies

Continuing from last week's discussion about Lunar Magick and the Energies of the Moon, MeditatingWithTheMoon came to us for answers on how he too could incorporate such Energies into his Meditation routine. His curiosity and eagerness to learn is something we all know too well, so with his approval, here is his message below.

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Lunar Magick and the Energies of the Moon

Many believe as the Moon evolves people’s personalities begin to shift, which can be partially correct, whether it be a gravitational pull or a changing of the tides, those who are shifting usually are not aligning themselves properly with the changing of the Lunar Phases. This is what MourningTheMoons expressed recently when she sought guidance on how to move with the fluctuations.

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Herbs, Home and Spellwork

Herbs are one of the most powerful tools in a Witch’s Toolbox—they are simple, easy and the least expensive. Some may even question why, as they are just plants growing wild, however, they are much more than that. Herbs, like all growing things, contain a factual energy; because of this we are able to tap into this Energy and use them in many ways such as: Smudging, cleaning, Ritual baths, home decor, in cooking, in healing, in the Crafting of Amulets and Talismans and of course in our Spellwork. Herbs4Healing reached out to us seeking guidance on how to incorporate herbs into her lifestyle.

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Protect yourself this Friday the 13th

It is in human nature to worry about an outcome, attribute occurrences to the Natural and Spiritual world and avoid normal routines when the day, Friday the 13th appears. This was expressed to us recently when we were contacted by StubbornButSuperstitious. She is familiar with the maliciousness and negativity that lurks, not only on the 13th but at anytime, thus the need to seek protection for peace of mind.

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Take on the New Year with Ease

As the chaos of the holidays gradually wind down and everyone settles into their routines again, it is not uncommon for the slow cold grasp of the winter blues, to begin to slowly tighten around some, this is how WintertimeWorries, one of our treasured readers felt leaving the past behind and welcoming the New Year.

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