Magickal Energies to Increase Fertility

Continuing with the awakening of the Earth, Spring is a time for fertility: flowers bloom, birds lay eggs and new life in humans and animals alike, begin to sprout and grow. The seasons really do affect fertility and flow with the Energetic cycles of the Universe. There are many ways to help draw fertility to you-- whether it be calling upon the Gods and Goddesses, using Color Magick or simply incorporating symbolism into your daily routines. We often have readers asking for assistance on how to achieve their goals, therefore, this week we are providing useful information to the commonly asked question: How to increase fertility?

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Altars and Ostara

The Sabbat of Ostara is upon us. March 20th marks the Spring Equinox and with it, the awakening of the Earth. There are many ways to take part in this special day. You can cleanse your home with the House and Home Ritual Kit to make way for new beginnings, you can decorate your home in the colors of the season, naturally dye eggs or like Altar4Ostara, create an Altar.

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Is the Craft for You?

Committing yourself to Magick and the Craft is a serious decision that should not be taken lightly, a great deal of studying is necessary, as well as a fierce willingness to work within you. CuriousAboutTheCraft, came to us looking for help to see if practicing the Craft is an option for her on her journey.

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Visualizing Where Your Spell’s Energy Will Go

Meditation allows insight, concentration, and mindfulness, it also can draw positive Energy to a person to aid in their Spellwork. The Coven often receives the question about how to accurately Meditate. For some, it will come naturally while others will require time and dedication, MusteringToMeditate recently came to us seeking the same advice.

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