Clairvoyance & ESP in the Wiccan Faith

Today, we will explore one of the more complex topics amongst Magickal Practitioners:  Clairvoyance and Extra Sensory Perception (ESP).  For most people,  it takes a great deal of focus and experience to attain a minimal level of these traits, and, while others are predisposed to this type of skill, one may start practicing at any point – including today.

Wicca holds that the transformation into an altered state of consciousness, in order to reach the divine, can be achieved by each and every individual regardless of natural abilities.  With that said, some individuals do require less training and practice than others.  Much like joining a Coven where ancestral lineage may play a large role in initiation, an individual might possess an inherent capacity for the discipline of the mind.  This may be a result of genetic traits, or it could simply be a characteristic unique to the individual apart from heredity.
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Atlantis: The Lost Civilization

The compelling combination of science and faith has lead humanity to answer many questions about our surroundings. There are, of course, questions which despite how hard we try, we are not meant to understand the answers – at least not yet. Then there are also the questions to which we should have a reasonable answer that most scholars can agree upon. Due to human error or different levels of interpretation, the mystery prevails. Today, we consider this sort of instance in the case of the lost island Atlantis. Did Atlantis exist? How can we know? Are we meant to know? Would the answer to this question change anything about the world today?
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Do Pagans Believe in Reincarnation?

There are many beliefs about what happens after death, one such belief being reincarnation. Many people all over the world hold this belief in various forms. It is not necessary to accept reincarnation, or any other form of afterlife for that matter, as a Universal truth to consider yourself a Pagan. However, by keeping an open mind about such topics and understanding the different beliefs about reincarnation, it is easier to be in a constructive position for increasing the belief in life after death.
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