Meditation Through Coloring

You may have noticed the growing trend of coloring books in your local bookstore or even on Amazon. Popularity aside, meditation with color is nothing new, but these books offer a new way of doing things for those having trouble with other methods. 

How it works: Meditation, in a very broad sense, is being able to clear your conscious mind and exist in a peaceful state. Regular meditation, even if only for fifteen minutes a day, can greatly improve your well-being. By using color in the process, it is possible to program your thoughts to be aware of new energies around you. This can be extremely beneficial when you have a specific problem that you can’t seem to find the answers to.
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Angel Magick

Angels are the spirits in the employ of the divine. Whether you believe in God, or some other higher power, angels can be seen as powerful spirits that can very easily affect the mortal realm with their great power. They can be called upon by us in the methods of evocation and invocation.

An Invocation summons an angel to enter his or her body, as opposed to physically appearing. This is considered far more dangerous, as spirit possession is not an easy task.

An Evocation is a special spell that uses a variety of different tools to invoke a physical appearance of an angel. Oftentimes, these tools include candles, books, knives and circles, and incense. Naturally, the components will vary dependent upon the spell being used.

Be wary, as the belief in Angels is primarily in the Abrahamic faiths, which also frown upon magic as a sinful and devilish act.
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Are Past Lives Real?

“Reincarnation is a fact paralleled by science. The First Law of Thermodynamics tells us energy can only be transformed; It cannot be created or destroyed.”      ~Karen Berg

We know that when we die, our bodies return to dust. Our atoms fall apart and join with other things. We become earth, trees, sky, or water, as we return to the quintessence of life. However, we know the mysterious energy within us, known as a soul, has to be transformed. Many believe in an afterlife, but many also believe in a continuation of life.

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The Festival of Pure Brightness

The Festival of Pure Brightness is a Chinese holiday that encapsulates the true duality of life. Known also as “Tomb Sweeping Day”, this is a day where life and death collide. We mourn our dead, we make sacrifices upon the altar, and we welcome the rebirth of the world through springtime.

This is a time of year for the Chinese where the veil is particularly thin. Crowds gather at cemeteries to burn incense and make offerings to the deceased, their ancestors, and the spirits. No food is allowed to be cooked, thus, all food must be served cold. The day is for both quiet contemplation and joyous celebration.

On this day, you’re responsible for cleaning the tombs; sweeping away all debris and dust, and setting out a fresh offering, usually of the favorites of the deceased. This is to show thoughtfulness and care, in hopes that the spirits of your ancestors are resting well, and that you, too, may one day receive this courtesy from your descendants.
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