Walpurgis Night

Somebody had recently asked me if I had any plans for the upcoming Walpurgis Night. I needed a moment to gather my thoughts before I could respond. Walpurgis Night is associated with St. Walpurgis who was a fierce opponent of Witchcraft during the European Dark ages.  

What was meant by ‘did I have plans?’ Was I supposed to visit historic sites of Witches past? I was at a loss for the answer as to why I had been asked if my activities were going to be different upon the eve of the Christian celebration of an infamous Witch hunter and adversary. As most cultures have faced persecution in one form or another, this would be similar enough to asking an individual of a given culture if they would be celebrating the birthday of their oppressor, or if they had any other sort of plans for it.
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Beltane Celebrations and DIY's

Near the end of April and beginning of May, halfway between the Spring Equinox and the Summer Solstice, you will find the Sabbat of Beltane. The Earth has awoken and is bringing forth new life and new growth to abound. Depending on your tradition, there are a number of ways you can celebrate this Sabbat: Balefires, Crafting, Ceremonies, Cooking and Spring cleaning, to name a select few.

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The Power of Art: Prosperity & Protection Jars

Our Coven cannot stress enough the power and tremendous benefits Meditation has, however it can occasionally be difficult to completely, grasp the concept. We have previously suggested Meditation Through Coloring now there is also the power of Art.

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Mercury Retrograde and How to Survive it

That time of the year is upon us again, which means the planet of communication—Mercury is in Retrograde until the 3rd of May. During this Retrograde period, communication goes awry— messages are not delivered, electronics malfunction, travel plans fall through and sometimes the bonds of relationships are tested. It is also possible to begin to feel the effects of Mercury Retrograde a few days before and after the three-week period, however, there are ways to help navigate this time unknown.

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Spellwork and Healing

It is possible for modern and alternative medicines to work together and compliment the other, recently Hand4Healing came to us in search of alternate ways to help heal those around her.

Dear 7witches,

I do not have a grand question but more of a curiosity. When I was a child I was quite sick and spent much time in the hospital and luckily I got better but some of the friends I made did not. Back then I was not aware of all the magical properties I could use in my life and since have taken up practicing more, I feel as this is my calling and I am drawn to help others but need a guide. I know last week you spoke of the healing power of gems are there other ways to help heal?


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