The Green Man – A Reoccurring Folk Image

Green Man WiccaIt is well known and accepted that Wicca and/or witchcraft have always been considered nature-oriented.

From religious beliefs to practices to rituals, nature is always the central focus of the vast majority of Wicca practices. But, what does this mean, precisely? In a nutshell, it refers to the fact that Wiccans and witches cycle their practices in synch with the seasons, that they respect life in all of its varied forms.

We know that the Wiccan linking of magical practices reflects the influence of the natural Earth as well as Earth-based deities.

This is most likely due to the fact that modern Wicca and witchcraft are echoes and a continuation of ancient pagan faiths and practices. Those ancient pagan belief systems were in tune with (almost without exception) the Earth, its elements, and its seasons.

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Horoscopes in Detail - Leo

Leo HoroscopeThis particular sign is one that is especially well known. Coming to prominence in the heart of summer, this is a sign that seems to be particularly empowering. You always seem to know a Leo when you meet one.

The sign itself is characterized by the mighty Lion that forms the constellation. Those born under this mighty creature seem to naturally move into positions of responsibility and power as they progress through life. They are people who don’t get too hung up on details – but manage to power through to the goal they need to reach. They are "doing" people - movers and shakers who help move projects and plans to completion.

A natural-born courage seems ingrained into those who are born under Leo. There is a natural strength within them that helps to drive them forward. Often they must search deep within them to let this courage flow – but when it does it is truly spectacular. Often you find Leos in stressful and challenging professions, making the most of themselves. They are often pilots, fire-fighters, good academics and paramedics and natural leaders. Their skill set often makes them highly desirable as employees, and they have an entrepreneurial streak.

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Voodoo in New Orleans – Magick of the South

Voodoo New OrleansNew Orleans and Louisiana are known as the heartland of Voodoo in America.

It is here that the practice of Voodoo collided with the emerging American nation and formed a special fusion that is completely unique. There is no other part of the United States that is so closely associated with the buzzing energy of this powerful practice. It continues to exist and flourish in the communities of this historic city.

To this day, visitors flock to the cemeteries and districts closely associated with this belief system. The unique culture of New Orleans, along with its hot climate and a sense of antiquity, seeps into the everyday. The names of the Voodoo Queens still ring out on the streets of this very special city, and it doesn’t take much searching to unearth the living roots of the practice.

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All You Wanted to Know about Scrying

Scrying is known by many names such as seeing, crystal gazing and crystal seeing. It is a prominent tool used by practitioners all over the world for many purposes including finding lost items, peeking into past lives, and even glimpsing into the future.

It is at its root, a Magickal technique that is used for the purpose of viewing images that will help the practitioner find clues leading to the answers they seek.

Many people use this method in order to find out what may take place in times to come. The tools used for scrying vary widely, and are usually have a personal connection to the one using them. Some common examples of these are crystal balls, bowls of water, fire, panes of glass, or in some cases, a mirror.

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Magick - The Power of Words

Wiccan Wedding AlterThe power of the spoken word forms an important part of Magick rituals.

If we understand the Craft as being a way of projecting our desires to alter the outside world, then the spoken word is one of the best ways to mold and sculpt our intentions.

It is for this reason that special words, phrases and verses have become an essential part of Magickal ceremonies. Even one of the most common of expressions amongst those involved with the Craft – “Blessed Be” – carries a seed of the power that is present in all Magickal words.

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