Artists and the Occult

WitchcraftThroughout history, the Occultist has experienced the most difficult of dilemmas. Despite a Practitioner’s desire to continue their life’s work of Casting and Rituals, and outwardly take pride in it, they simply could not publicize their beliefs and share their perspective with others. The cost was all too often the penalty of death.
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Anthroposophy & Spirituality

Witchcraft ActIn our discussions, we often stress that while there are different sects within Wicca, and there are some rules to which Wiccans generally adhere, the path to spirituality should be an individual journey. Much discussion exists on this topic - whether it is better to engage in a faith with others, or whether the influence of others may hinder one’s ability to think for themselves.
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Essential Oils

Witchcraft Act While we can see these large Chemical Manufacturers produce drugs with names such as Metaproterenol or Phenylpropanolamine, the most effective medicine will always come from our Mother Earth, in the form of Essential Oils. Though there are new Essential Oils being researched upon today, there exist about 300 today that play a crucial role in the medical, food, and cosmetic industries. These aromatic liquid substances are extracted from certain species of fruits, flowers, leaves, roots, and trees, and each single Essential Oil has many diverse functions in itself.
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The Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis)

Witchcraft Act If you have ever been to far north or south regions, you might have been fortunate enough to witness one of our planet’s great natural displays. Occurring semiannually at very high latitudes, though often spreading to lower latitudes depending upon the forces at hand, are the magnificent auroras. Not only are the auroras a wondrous spectacle consisting of various colors of mixing light, but they are also scientific phenomena that holds great significance in many cultures.
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The Triple Goddess

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What is meant by "The Triple Goddess"?

I received a query the other day concerning the deities that many Wiccans acknowledged. A curious individual asked some very good and intriguing questions. Are Wiccans generally monotheists, meaning that they worship the Goddess? If so, what is meant by the Triple Goddess?

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