Cahokia Mounds

MoundsPreviously we have discussed many different wonders lying on or below Earth’s surface, and how they came to be. We talked about the possibility of the lost continent of Atlantis that descended to the ocean floor thousands of years ago. Many of you commented upon whether you believed there was truly once such a magnificent place. Some of you answered in the affirmative, others not so much.

Then we conversed about certain places on our planet and whether they are natural or man-made. We talked about Stonehenge, with which most of you are familiar, a series of monumental monoliths standing upright in a circle in seemingly the middle of nowhere in Great Britain. Then we talked about the lesser-known version in America – what was once called ‘Mystery Hill’ - now referred to as America’s Stonehenge in New Hampshire, which is another series of monoliths in a deserted forest. Finally, we spoke of the great Moai, or head shaped monoliths, on Easter Island far off the Coast of Chile. We asked if these designs are manmade how were ancient civilizations able to transport rocks weighing 82 tons(!) with ancient technology

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We have often discussed the Sabbats as the primary days in which Practitioners of the Craft perform Rituals. In the Wheel of the Year, there are eight total Sabbats that occur at regular intervals, approximately every month and a half. The Greater Sabbats include Imbolc, Beltane, Lughnasadh, and Samhain while Ostara, Litha, Mabon (or Madron), and Yule constitute the Lesser Sabbats. While these days are generally considered a time for celebration and enjoyment for Wiccans and other followers of the Craft, there are other days of Ritual that require very strenuous work. These are referred to as Esbats.
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Magickal Properties of Music

Ever wonder why certain songs or pieces of music can suddenly make you feel better?

Since the dawn of mankind, there have been stories, which came as the most rudimentary form of expression. Right on the heels of expression, came music. Music has always been the art of evocation - putting into sound the feelings deep within out into the world in a way that is (often) beautiful.

Music has been the rallying behind social revolutions, shifts in culture, and changes in the collective consciousness. It is the easiest, and possibly most basic form of soul magic that we can tap into. Even modern day science, full of empiricism and data, has proven that music has the ability to heal, and music therapy is becoming increasingly more common in psychological and therapeutic fields. For instance, if the right side of the brain is affected by a stroke, rehabilitation specialists can use “Induced Melodic Therapy” in order to communicate with the patient and activate the damaged language centers.
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