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Boomerang Spell

Boomerang Spell
Sent it right back!

Just a few examples of situations where the Boomerang Spell can help:
  • There is someone out there who does not like you and is casting their evil eye at you.
  • You feel uneasy and upset that someone has it in for you.
  • Your enemy is doing everything in his or her power to ensure that you fail and/or suffer.
Do you feel someone has cast a Spell on you or on someone special to you? Do you want this person to suffer the humiliation they deserve? Then it's high time to send their own Spells right back at them ten-fold! 

The Boomerang Spell is your chance to give back all the evil deeds to your enemy and show them that you have had enough. You can finally take your revenge for the bad deeds that they have done to you by requesting this Spell!

Beware: before you request the Boomerang Spell, keep in mind that it is a very powerful Spell and should only be used towards someone who has ill intentions towards you.

Boomerang Spell
5 Stars
The wonderful thing about this Spell is that it does not necessarily have to result in a negative revenge-type manifestation - outwardly anyway. Gaining the moral high ground with a veneer graciousness leaving the original attacker silently seething, is ever so delightful! Pure deserved wickedness :-D
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Reviewed by:  from Internet. on 9/24/2013
5 Stars
boomerang spell-very amazing quick results
I have been using the services of the 7 witches for some time now but have been amazed at how fast this much needed spell worked for me. I have had valuable insight watching my enemies show themselves as they appear to get back what was directed at me. If you are suffering as I was by the evil eye of several, then dont hesitate in getting this spell cast asap.
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Reviewed by:  from london. on 1/9/2015
5 Stars
boomerang spell what comes around goes around
i am thankful for my spell caster as i feel definitely an change or presence in the air. I understand intangible things sometimes are hard to quantify but believe that definitely something has happened as more positive things are happening in my life. Thank u very much
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Reviewed by:  from australia. on 10/14/2014
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