As we learn to love and respect the nature that surrounds and sustains us, we learn more about the energetic link that connects all creatures on Earth. Our ancestors acquired vast knowledge from animals, and related to them on a more personal level: animals and insects were not considered lower on the evolutionary scale, but had much to teach us humans relating to survival and sustenance of the land. We now explore a variety of distinct species, their significance within the earth's energetic link, and the implications of finding yourself in the presence of these beautiful creatures, the cat.

Many of you have asked why we have a Black Cat as our Coven's symbol when one crossing your path is considered a symbol of bad luck. Though there is value in the origins of this association, cats are wondrous creatures who had taught early man to provide for themselves, and maintain a healthy and sanitary lifestyle. It is said that this superstition had originated with King Charles I of England in the 17th century. He had loved his black cat very much, and even had his Royal Guards ensure that his cat remained safe. The day after his cat passed on the King was arrested in the midst of English Civil War. The King's supporters had claimed that his cat was the source of this misfortune, and some even believed that this cat was a Witch in disguise. From there, rumors had become widespread, and it did not help the black cat's cause when one was seen crossing the path of a crew of British Sailors who would eventually be lost at sea in the late 18th Century, along with other similar occurrences.

Nonetheless, there is some truth in every superstition, including that of the cat. Many faiths hold it true that Spirits of the deceased manifest themselves in the bodies of cats, in order to transmit a message that they were unable to accomplish in their lifetime. These cats act as conduits between the Spiritual and the Physical. Though it is based on faith and feeling more than evidence as many would prefer, cats, both wild and domesticated, are associated with the Spirit World, having a connection with both the living and the dead.

WitchcraftThis idea is supported by the notion that cats frequently choose their companions themselves, rather than allow themselves to be a captive in an unwilling relationship. They are very sensitive to everything around them, always having a keen eye on their surroundings, and quickly noticing any movement. Cats are very patient, and can wait seemingly forever to get what they want. If we are willing to learn, we can gain vast knowledge on staying attuned, serenity, and a little piece of mind. We would love to hear of any stories you may have about a cat, whether it pertains to the importance of the feline, or just a funny story!