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I Won't Take It Anymore Combo Spell

I Won't Take It Anymore Combo Spell
Sick and tired of being sick and tired?

Just a few examples of situations where the I Won't Take It Anymore Combo Spell can help:
  • Someone is putting you in a situation that is ongoing and uncomfortable.
  • You are being intimidated and are nearing your breaking point.
  • You are ready to turn the tables on your opponent.
Are you being bullied or browbeaten? Railroaded or intimidated? You have a Cosmic and legal right to pursue happiness, and to defend yourself against anyone or anything getting between you and fulfillment. You don't have to take it. 

By customizing and combining the Aura Cleansing, the Banishment Curse, the Protection Spell, and the Crafty Spell, Cormac has created the I Won't Take It Anymore Combo Spell and given you the chance that could get out of your undesired situation. This multi-faceted solution will both protect you and send a clear message to anyone bothering you that you are not to be trifled with. 

The I Won't Take It Anymore Combo Spell can keep your target at a distance, demonstrate (call it "forced empathy") to the offending party exactly how uncomfortable he or she has been making your feel, and protect you from further damage. Whether you are being attacked Magickally, physically, emotionally, psychically, or in some combination, this Spell can help you!

I Won't Take It Anymore Combo Spell
5 Stars
It worked GREAT!!
I ordered this Combo Spell on August 8, 2015, to get my husband to leave. He had refused to leave even under threat of court order. He was making my life HELL. This had been going on for over 18 months. By September 1, 2015 he had moved out and taken his belongings. It took me until today, 9/15/15, to realized I am finally on my new path to happiness. THANK YOU Cormac.
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Reviewed by:  from Maryland. on 9/15/2015
5 Stars
I Won't Take It Anymore Combo Spell
Well Cormac performed this and...I Don't Take it anymore! I have been more assertive and feel stronger! Thank you Cormac!! Need some moxy back Get this it works!! Blessings, G.
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from USA. on 12/23/2014
4 Stars
Effect was interesting
What I found happened on the day the spell was cast and subsequent days, was that I cared significantly less about what the person was doing. My lack of caring made it less easy for her to manipulate me. She also went back and forth a bit on her usual insistent behavior.
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Reviewed by:  from Sebastopol. on 9/28/2013
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