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Get Well Soon Combo Spell

Get Well Soon Combo Spell
Health is our most valuable asset.

Just a few examples of situations where the Get Well Soon Combo Spell can help:
  • There is an illness or injury in your life that is affecting you, or a loved one.
  • You feel that traditional medicine has not addressed all possibilities for recovery.
  • You believe that Magick can help palliate the symptoms of the illness or injury.
Are you, or is somebody you know, suffering from an injury or illness? Do you want it to go away, or at least become more manageable? While enduring an illness can be painful in many ways, and something that not even a Master Witch can eliminate, there are generally elements that Magick can help deal with. This is where the Get Well Soon Combo Spell comes in. 

Cormac witnessed his very own mother pass on slowly and painfully from Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease. He knew that while he could not prevent or cure the illness, he could make the experience a little easier on her. He embraced the notion that positive energy can sometimes conquer the negative physical effects for some individuals. By customizing and combining the Aura Cleansing, the Mending Spell, and the Uplift The Soul Spell, Cormac was able to create the Get Well Soon Combo Spell.

As with any of our Health and Wellbeing Spells, this is not meant to take the place of traditional medicine or medical care. It can, however, augment medical treatment by taking advantage of pathways of energy that science sometimes misses. When you or someone you love is suffering, any amount that you can alleviate is worth looking into.

Get Well Soon Combo Spell
5 Stars
Positive Overhaul for Sick Child
I had this Spell Cast for my 12-year old niece who suffers from one of the worst documented cases of Auto Immune Disease. As a result of the disease she has lost her eyesight completely in one eye and retains only 20/80 vision in the other. She has been seen by world leading specialists in Boston, NY, Denver etc and has endured countless surgeries. She is on a cocktail of drugs including a cancer drug plus bi-weekly infusions. The doctors have continuously battled to keep her in remission. In addition, she suffered behavioural issues, was quite anti-social and withdrawn. This Spell was successful in keeping her in remission for the longest period of time to date and the unexpected side benefits, which manifested almost immediately, were the positive changes in her well-being - she was suddenly much happier and robust; she volunteered to perform on stage at her school and did a fab job at it (something unheard of for her); she became much more confident in school and developed friendships. The performing on stage marked a milestone for her and all good stemmed from there and continues to do so. All in all, quite dramatic and lasting positive changes.
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Reviewed by:  from Wimbledon. on 6/16/2013
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