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Our Commitment to you

The 7witches Coven offers an unconditional promise on all of our Spells; good for one year after the date in which your Spell was cast.

Try any of our Spells for up to a year, and if you are not satisfied with the results, we will recast your Spell free of charge. This does not mean that it will take a full year to see results, but rather that if the effects of the Spell cast by our Coven do not reach your personal standard, you have the option to start anew with another Casting of that Spell. We have strategically decided upon this term because a year allots you sufficient time to evaluate the outcome, as well as provide for any setbacks you may have that will delay the Spell's execution.

We have faith that once you have experienced a Spell cast by J. Roslyn Antle and her 7witches Coven, you will be satisfied with the positive transformations occurring in your life. Many of our patrons were reluctant to endeavor into the Witching realm at first, but now request that we cast Spells for them regularly.

If you are still skeptical about purchasing a Spell from the 7witches Coven, then please do not. In order to obtain optimal results, it is required that you maintain a positive frame of mind and believe in the power of our abilities. You should always work with whomever you feel confident and can trust. Above all, you should have a professional and ethical relationship with your Spellcaster, and know that they care about you. If you make the right decision, it will be worth it.

7witches Coven Money Back Guarantee

The 7witches Coven is confident that we can help you. To this end, we offer a ONE-YEAR, NO-QUESTIONS-ASKED MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE on all of our magical items.


Once you have tried the item for one year, if you are unsatisfied, simply return it and we will refund your money in full, no questions asked. That's it, No fine print, just satisfied customers.