Throughout our Coven’s years of providing you with our Casting services, we have often encountered many questions pertaining to the world of Spirits. There have been times where many of you have written to ask us how you can contact the Spirits of your dearly departed loved ones. Other times you have written asking us to identify and banish Spirits you felt were haunting you. Some of you even have a burgeoning Gift of Sight. There are Spirits all around us but we have finally reached the eve of Samhain, October 31st, when the connection to the otherworld is closest to our reach.

Every year Samhain, the most Hallowed of Nights, imbues us with the ability to completely open our Inner Eye and walk alongside the Spirits of the Dead. On this night there will be many ways to get in touch with Spirits, as the Veil separating the Living and the Dead is at its thinnest. Most would think that calling upon our loved ones who have passed on – ancestors, mentors, friends, even pets can open a portal for darkness to enter. However, it actually provides us with the closure we need to let go of all the negativity and allow them to witness our Spiritual and Emotional rebirths.

The closer you get to midnight, the thinner the Veil becomes. Therefore it is best to participate in the following Rituals the closest to midnight as possible.

1. Bonfire:

  1. Kindle a bonfire
  2. Take a piece of paper and write down the name of the Spirit to be contacted
  3. On a separate piece of paper write down any fond memories you have with this person
  4. Cast all papers into the flames of the fire
  5. During the release, walk around the flames clockwise until all papers have been casted into the fire
  6. Wait for a response to move through you

2. Candle Ritual:

  1. Place two lit candles-- Silver and Indigo with a photo of the Spirit you wish to contact, in a Western facing window and leave it open to encourage and allow visits from them

3. Graveside Ceremony:

  1. Visit the gravesite of a loved one at a cemetery.
  2. Envision all your memories
  3. Place an offering near the tomb or on the tombstone such as: food, flowers, candles, photos, or a gift
  4. Speak freely

4. A Feast:

  1. Prepare a meal
  2. Include a place setting at your table or altar for your Spirit with some food and a photo
  3. Invite your deceased to come and dine with you

5. Meditation can provide a space for dream visits with the aid of The Open My Inner Eye Combo Spell.

  1. This Spell will help allow your latent abilities come to light with the help of meditation.
  2. Light two Candles with matches, one Silver and one Indigo and allow them to burn
  3. Block out all background noise and clear your mind of any other thoughts. The Open My Inner Eye Combo Spell can help you achieve this discipline by ridding your mind of excess clout that you have from living in this modern world, and will open your heart and mind to the possibilities all around you.
  4. Fixate your mind on your Spirit: see their face, smell their scent, think of your fondest memories of the both of you together
  5. While keeping your mind focused ask the Spirit your questions or tell them your feelings
  6. Be patient and concentrate. Do not dream up an answer you think that they would say, wait for the answer to certainly be from them

Samhain is the best time to replenish our hearts with a final connection to the Spirits of our departed loved ones. So be sure to walk respectfully alongside the Dead on this night. Doing so will allow you to once again feel the power of your own ancestors and the purest love they once offered you. After the Hallowed Night of Samhain, we will all have the clear eyes and full hearts to walk confidently into the darkness of Winter.