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Couple Breaker Curse

Couple Breaker Curse
Tear them apart!

Just a few examples of situations where the Couple Breaker Curse can help:
  • Your true love has been stolen by another.
  • Someone you care about is in a bad relationship and it needs to end now.
  • You can't stand by while a couple lives a lie.
NOTE: This Spell can also be used to help someone you care about.

There are many reasons that a relationship might need to be broken up. Perhaps one of them is your true love. Perhaps it's a loved one in a negative or even abusive situation. As long as you have a good reason, this powerful Couple Breaker Curse can help break the two of them apart - decisively.

The Couple Breaker Curse will hack away at the bonds that hold them together, and as it grows it pushes them apart. They begin to see the bad in each other. They feel less attracted to one another. They start getting annoyed at every little thing the other does. The stronger the Casting Strength of the Spell, the better the effect.

Our resident Hex expert Stephanie Crowe is happy to dispel false love. Our Coven spends much of its time battling against untruths in the Universe, and there is perhaps no worse lie than one of the heart. Do your part.

Couple Breaker Curse
5 Stars
It worked!!!! Give it a little time...
I waited to review this spell because I was unsure whether it would work and wanted to be completely honest. I ordered this spell (cast by Stephanie Crowe) on Sept 22. It was cast on Oct 1. The backstory is that I had been involved with a guy 2 years ago who was in a very unhealthy relationship that he could not seem to leave. The relationship ended and we did not see each other or have any kind of communication for those whole 2 years. Right before I ordered this spell I ran into him at a social event and he was a shell of himself. It turned out that his girlfriend was extremely abusive- humiliating him, degrading him & even hitting him. He''s a meek guy and was scared to leave her and is also tied to her financially and living together, so he was just going with the status quo even though he was unhappy. So Stephanie cast the spell Oct 1, a few weeks after I had ran into him. After this I really didn''t think I''d accidentally run into him AGAIN because we live in a large city and I hadn''t seen him for 2 years prior. Running into him the first time was surprising enough. BUT on October 5th I ran into him at another social event. We talked deeply and he still seemed to be somewhat defending her abuse, but knowing it was wrong. That was it... On November 16 I went to a social event at his workplace (knowing he would be there) and he blunting confessed his love for me. He told his girlfriend he wants to leave and since she is the controlling and abusive type she is making it hard. He set up a place to stay and has arranged to move in 2 days from now. Today is December 31st, so the spell took 90 days to work. Still, not bad considering I thought he would NEVER leave.
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Reviewed by:  from Los Angeles. on 12/31/2013
5 Stars
truly amazin
Stephenie crowe is a amazing person she was so kind and very helpful in casting my spell, right after it was cast I felt so great and pistive and the spell is all starting to take affect.the 7coven and stephenie was my ladt hope and they make an ever lasting effect on my life. This is truly your last stop for results and satisfaction. Thank you so much robyn
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Reviewed by:  from saint charles. on 11/27/2013
5 Stars
It was perfect
Stephanie Crowe made this spell work to perfection. Thank you!
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Reviewed by:  from Bossier City. on 10/29/2013
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