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Custom Health & Protection Spell

Custom Health & Protection Spell
Your situation is different.

Just a few examples of situations where the Custom Health & Protection Spell can help:
  • None of our Spells specifically address your particular situation.
  • You require a boost in health or protection.
  • You're ready for a bit of Magick to make you feel more secure.
As much as we would love to believe that we can account and anticipate every particular situation, it's just not that case. No matter how creative our Coven is, some dynamics are simply impossible to imagine. The good news is that we're able to improvise. 

Many Witches are limited to Spells they've been taught. They are unable to stray or create based on the particular needs of a situation. This is not the case with the 7witches Coven: we are ready to create a custom Magickal solution for your problem. 

If none of the preexisting Spells address your exact needs, please let us know. It is our pleasure to create, which is the most important part of Magick. We'll Cast a solution for you.

Custom Health and Protection Spell
5 Stars
Dying Wish Safely Granted
This Spell was Cast in conjunction with Stephenie''s Custom Witch Hex. The Witch Hex dealt with the perpetrator while this Spell protected the victim who was a woman in her 70''s, dying of cancer, and whose only wish was to travel to a certain destination. This Spell ensured that she was healthy enough to be able to make the trip and to be protected from the attacks of a certain individual who had betrayed and was threatening her with physical harm or death. Both aims were accomplished so a great success.
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Reviewed by:  from Internet. on 6/16/2013
5 Stars
Saved His Life
I was aware that my husband''s health was being attacked, in particular, his prostate. The particulars of how I knew this are irrelevant but suffice it to say that the issue was on the radar. I had this Spell Cast and the result is that we caught the prostate cancer very early, before it had had a chance to spread. He had presented normal PSA levels and had we not had the umbrella protection of this Spell, in all likelihood, it would have gone undetected until too late.
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Reviewed by:  from Wimbledon. on 6/15/2013
5 Stars
Spell worked thank you
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Reviewed by:  from ne. on 2/16/2017
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