The first thing we typically learn about a human is their name and in turn that divulges a lot about them. A name leaves an impression, good or bad, brings old memories to life and leaves us wanting to know more.

When one is dedicated to the Craft, most choose a Magickal name. Why? This is how the Gods, Goddesses, Deities, Sprites and other members of the community will come to know and identify you.

How do you pick a good Magickal name you may ask?

1. Decide whether or not you really need one:

For a time it was very common for Practitioners to change their name to “hide” in plain sight so to speak, to be able to protect their lives—careers, family, and friends while not jeopardizing their future

2. Be sure it can be pronounced:

Pronunciation is the key. There is nothing worse than having to introduce yourself a multitude of times or have to correct someone every time they address you.

3. Choose an uncommon name:

Do not settle for the first name you think of; be sure it is a reflection of who you are. You want to tell others something about you, summon something within you that you feel you are lacking and be sure it shares a likeness of the path you wish to embark on.

4. Participate in a Dedication Ceremony:

Solidify your being to your name. When you commit to your new name and make the decision to dedicate yourself to the Craft. You are ready to welcome this new way of life: to persevere and to undertake the challenge of improving yourself in order to help humanity.