This week we received a consultation from a new client of the 7 Witches Coven. He was very troubled about his holiday plans. This situation is very understandable as this time of year is hard on us all. We asked him if we could use his message as an example this week because many of you have also been writing in expressing his sentiments. We want you all to know that in our Coven you belong and are loved, but there are ways you can get this type of acceptance from your other people as well. We will guide you and show you how.

Dear 7Witches Coven,
I always feel very depressed this time of year. I always dread the month of December because I just have nothing to look forward to. I am single man without many friends and close family members. In the coming weeks, I will be expected to buy gifts for people who are not always nice to me and often ignore me for the better part of the year. I am also being forced to go to my office Christmas party with my co-workers who also tend to ignore me. I don’t have anyone to bring to this party, which makes me feel very sad. If I just had a girlfriend then this party and the holidays would be much easier. When I think about it, I’m not surprised I’m single because I’m just such a loser. My grandmother passed this year and I miss her terribly. She was one of the few family members I looked forward to seeing at family dinners, and now she’s gone. I’m lost and I don’t know how I’m going to get through this month.
I hope you can guide me to a path that will be best for me.


Even though we might feel depressed and alone, there are many ways to feel loved this holiday season. Here are the tips we gave AloneForTheHolidays below.

Realign your Karma with the gift of giving

Some families opt out of gift giving but not all. If you are in a gift-giving family; dig deeper and try Spells. Empathize with your family, friends or other important people in your life and take the time to think about what they are currently struggling with. What Spell can you gift them to help change their situation? Always remember that it is the thought and never the amount that matters.

Let yourself shine and be admired

Office parties or any type of event can be a difficult to navigate, especially if you feel like you do not belong to any of the social circles within that community. The Popularity Spell can allow you to shine your brightest and allow others to be drawn to your light. It can be hard to be at your best in stressful environments. Allow us to help provide you with the confidence to show others your true colors and put emphasis on the good, unique qualities about yourself.

Open your heart to a new relationship

No one ever enjoys being alone for the holidays, especially when you have so many functions to attend, not to mention the mistletoe and midnight kisses. If you are ready to meet potential partners, share intimate moments and begin a great romance. A Love Spell can help you end the year and begin the new one with love on your side.

Put yourself first and embrace happiness

The holidays make everyone question and second guess every aspect of the season. Our obligations to others compete with our own needs and desires. At some point you will need to realize self-love is important too. Holidays make us put our happiness on hold to fulfil other people’s expectations. If you start by embracing your own happiness, it will act like a magnet and attract to other happy loving people. Our Happiness Spell can rid the sadness and pave the way for a happier holiday season.

Refresh your personal outlook

It is one of the most challenging tasks to maintain positive thinking when we look to the future and see only dark unhappiness. This type of situation can often create negative thinking, which will lead to negative energy and the tarnishing of our Aura’s and inner psyche. Allowing ourselves to continue forward through the days with a bad attitude will just be downright harmful for us over a long period of time. A wise decision would be to invest in an Aura Cleansing before we fall too deep into negative darkness.

Honor your dear departed

Since your loved one’s passing it has been quite difficult to carry on. You may think that the holiday season will be changed forever due to the void they left in your life. We strongly believe that our loved ones are always tethered to us in one way or another—they may not be here physically however it is always possible to make a connection to them. Our Honor The Dead Candle Spell can offer you peace of mind and allow you to send love, thoughts and pay tribute to the love that you have lost. Even during the holiday season, you will never be alone as they loved you and a part of themselves and will always be with you.

The holidays for some are a time of happiness, joy and relaxation, for others like AloneForTheHolidays it is very common to feel depressed, stressed out and lonely. Do know that though you may feel alone, you never truly are.