Many of you have asked us why we charge for Casting Spells. We get several e-mails every day that all boils down to "if you were a real Witch, you wouldn't charge for Casting Spells". We respectfully disagree - Witches have to eat, and live somewhere, the same as you.The difference is this:


A real Spell requires materials (many of which are rare and expensive), a suitable place to perform the Casting, and the time required to prepare for and perform this Casting. This does not take into consideration the constant studying we do to improve our Spells and create new ones. This is a full-time, 7-day per week job for all 7 of us. A Single Cast of most of our Spells is between $27 and $47, depending on the time and material requirements of that particular Spell. The fees that we ask for the Spell requests are calculated as follows:
  • 35% goes to materials for Casting and preparing Spells, Charms, etc
  • 25% goes to the Coven's space (rent, power, bills, website, etc)
  • 20% goes to the Witch Casting your Spell
  • 15% goes into a fund to pay for materials for free or discounted Spells (like the Aura Cleansing)
  • 5% goes into an emergency fund
  • For Donations, 100% goes to the Witch the donation is sent to
The Coven makes no profit Casting Spells for you - we make a living, and no more.