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Blessed Clover of Luck

Blessed Clover of Luck
A REAL 4-leaf clover, Blessed and encased in resin...

The four-leaf clover has always been considered to be good luck because of the rarity of finding one in the first place. Well, lucky you, because we have found them and are now able to offer them to you! Each real clover has been sealed inside of a hard, clear resin to protect it from damage. Cormac himself has taken the time to infuse your clover with positive energy, intended to draw luck to your side. As an additional bonus, your Blessed Clover of Luck comes cleverly disguised as a regular necklace, so no one will ever know the power you hold.
  • You have felt your luck slipping away.
  • You need a boost to luck in one or more aspects of your life.
  • You want the confidence in knowing that luck is on your side.
  • You want to give the gift of improved luck to a friend or loved one.
The Blessed Clover of Luck comes with a pouch to recharge the energies should you ever feel them running low.

As your luck improves, remember to keep from boasting and share a little of your luck with those less fortunate than you. This doesn't require much, but it will make sure that your luck will stay with you.

This talisman can be worn, it can be kept in a purse or pocket, or even kept in a drawer or hung from a car mirror. Just make sure it is close to you.

Blessed Clover of Luck
5 Stars
Dr. Rev. retired
I recently purchased this piece. It is still with me that is amazing in it's self. It is very nicely made. I have it on my key chain. I like this piece very much. No , I have not noticed increase of. luck. as of yet. Several people have asked me to give this piece to them. This piece is very nicely made has not broken. I have had several remakes about this piece. I am glad I was able to purchase this piece. This is very interesting people either ask me for this piece or they make a negative remark about it which makes me realize the ones who does make the negative remarks are people who do not need to be in my life they do not have my best interest at heart. Some of the ones who have asked for this piece want it for themselves others who want it I know immediately are revealed enemies very interesting . It like awakes the psychic inside of me once again making me fully aware of who has my best interest who is jealous who wishes me harm some of these people turned out to be the ones who owe me a lot of $ others have stolen very much from me others want it for themselves because they want to keep me down in life. Very interesting this piece must work different for everyone. No pot of Irish gold as of yet lol.
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from usa . on 4/9/2015
5 Stars
blessed.clover key ring
I had ordered this blessed.clover of luck..and i really like does help..i have it next when i s next to me always..7 witches..have the best im going to order the the bell keyring..
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Reviewed by:  from davie. fl. on 5/20/2015
5 Stars
From the moment I opened the package containing my clover it was obvious the difference it made. My boyfriend actually got to witness as it started to work. I was quite literally struggling in every day life with everything before this point. I already felt that I had a jinx or a hex on me because it didn’t matter what I did or how I did it or I tried, I couldn’t pick things up without them spilling, breaking, falling even Random things seeming to explode in my hands I couldn’t do simple tasks without extreme struggle or manage to get anywhere on time no matter how hard I tried the list goes on.... I had already attempted to start dinner before I checked the mail after going and getting my package I was so excited I opened up my package and put my clover around my neck before I continued with dinner my boyfriend was sitting at the table watching as a pot of spaghetti sauce started to fall off of the stove but instead of it splattering all over the floor a lid randomly found its way off the other side of the counter as the pot flipped upside down the lid sealed the sauce in the pot causing nothing to spill as it hit the floor. This might not sound like much but it was a huge difference in my life and Definitely a change in luck I have only taken the clover off for showers and sleep besides one time leaving without it and nothing went as planned that day until I put my clover back on. I’m not telling anyone else what to believe but I believe in magic and 7witchescoven are definitely the real deal. Just ordered a new talisman and will be purchasing more from them in the future.
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Blessed clover of luck. on 4/13/2020
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