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NEW: Guest Witch Spells

We are happy to welcome Tatianna Pereslavl-Svyatslavich back to the Coven, to share with us her Faery Spells. She is a long time collaborator with the 7Witches Coven and we welcome her and her Faery Magick back for a short time.

The name Tatianna literally means "Fairy Queen" in Russian, the language of her country of origin. Though Fairies are said only to have existed only in legend, she is part of the Tuatha De Danaan descent who were forced into hiding for when threatened and defeated by the Sons of Mil. These Fairies were forced to keep their identity a secret for a Millennium, where most assimilated to the ethos of Man.

As one of the few of her kind remaining, Tatianna has decided to share and spread Fairy Magick with those in need. This is a very positive sort of Magick, which can give you a positive boost to allow yourself to make the needed transformations in your life.

Faery Rose Love Ritual
Faery Four Leaf Clover Ritual
Faery Milkweed Happiness Ritual