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Herbs, Home and Spellwork

Posted by Vivianne Attor on 1/15/2017 to Occult Weekly

Herbs are one of the most powerful tools in a Witch’s Toolbox—they are simple, easy and the least expensive. Some may even question why, as they are just plants growing wild, however, they are much more than that. Herbs, like all growing things, contain a factual energy; because of this we are able to tap into this Energy and use them in many ways such as: Smudging, cleaning, Ritual baths, home decor, in cooking, in healing, in the Crafting of Amulets and Talismans and of course in our Spellwork. Herbs4Healing reached out to us seeking guidance on how to incorporate herbs into her lifestyle.

Dear 7Witches Coven,

I have been a loyal client and have been reading your newsletter for some time now and notice that there is always room for a herb of the week I guess we can call it. Long story short, I have just moved to a really beautiful rural town where I have enough property to continue my magical journey in privacy. I am curious how I can use herbs to help my Spellwork, keep on hand and use in my everyday life. Any tips or tricks would be very helpful. Thanks for reading.


There is a multitude of plants scattered across the Earth, I have been fortunate enough to have learned from my elders in addition to a lot of studying. The best advice will always be to do your research, however, our seven favorites commonly used and found around our Covenstead are the following:

Basil: There is more to basil than just adding it to a recipe, sprinkle dried basil around the home to ward and shield your sanctuary from negativity. It is used for love, purification, protection and most of all prosperity—to attract and draw money to you.

Chamomile: Commonly known for its medicinal purposes to calm the stomach and mind and to aid in sleep; it is also known for love, protection, purification, and meditation. The Magickal characteristics of chamomile can assist in Curse Reversals, be infused into body lotion and used in tea.

Cinnamon: The Magickal properties of cinnamon are unlike most herbs as its purposes are vast. Commonly known for enticing love and passion, it can also be used for success, protection, and healing. If your Spellwork uses a Magickal Item, sprinkle some cinnamon around it to boost its Magick or on your breakfast in the morning to begin your day with your own kitchen alchemy for success.

Lavender: Burn it as an offering to the Goddess in the Midsummer bonfire, place dried lavender in a sachet under your pillow for a peaceful sleep or in warm water for a calming bath. Lavender is a multipurpose herb used most commonly for sleep and peace, but also love, happiness, and purification.

Peppermint: Is also a multipurpose herb, known for healing and purification, however, prosperity, love, and ridding negativity are also known qualities. It can be used in tea to energize, burned for prosperity and used as a home cleaner for its invigorating scent and healing Energy.

Rosemary: Known for love, to heal and to purify, rosemary's most powerful use is for protection and mental capability. Add it to your soap to purify your body, use it in your cooking to nourish your mind, or grow your own rosemary bush on your property to ward off danger.

Sage: By far the most popular tool of the Craft. Known for its purifying, cleansing, and healing properties. It can be burned, baked or cooked and grown inside or outside of the home.

As your knowledge base develops you will be able to forage, grow and cultivate your own herbs. Be sure to store your herbs in a dry area, out of the light, to keep their Energies instilled within them and out of easy reach. Always remember to give thanks when taking the herbs from the Earth and give back to the Earth, when you no longer need them.


Date 1/15/2017
Linda m
Thanks for sharing the information on these herbs, I recently started burning lavender and peppermint ( at separate times ) is the oil just as good as the pure herb in benefits ?
Date 1/15/2017
Frederic Catelli
Your reader Vivianne Ator on January 15, 2017 hit the magical nail on the head. I believe that the power of herbs will improve my life,but I have faltered in using them. Even now, with the moon in it's waning cycle, I don't know what herbs to use, in combination with what color candle, to increase my prosperity, not reduce my debt. I realize that your job is to sell these spells, and accessories, but helping us to help ourselves would be immensely appreciated.

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