History of TelepathyWho hasn’t, at one point or another, wished that they could read the thoughts of another person?

Who hasn’t wanted to discover the innermost secrets and desires kept carefully hidden and locked away in someone’s mind?

More simply - who hasn’t wished to be able to tell if they were being lied to? And who hasn’t wished they could peer into the future and see how events will unfold? Many of those who have entered the world of practical Magick have investigated these questions.

First of all, we should approach the term itself – telepathy. What is it?

The short definition of telepathy is the transference of thoughts or emotions from one mind to another, or the ability to “see” hidden things using only the mind.

Technically, this is termed a form of E.S.P. or divination. However, telepathy can be utilized for so much more, as highly experienced telepaths (those who can use telepathy) are able to focus and utilize their enhanced powers of the mind for a number of practical uses.

Telepathy is not just a super power found in comic books and science-fiction television shows and movies. It has the elements of a psychic discipline, and has been continuously studied by doctors, scientific organizations, and government agencies for a variety of applications. There are even numerous examples of the CIA studying telepathy for application in the Cold War.

The prophet Nostradamus is considered by many to be a powerful telepath, as he was able to see and predict events that seem to resonate with the modern day. This form of telepathy is called precognition – seeing events before they unfold.

NostradamusIn 1882, an organization called the Society for Psychical Research was founded in England. Its purpose was to investigate and study psychic phenomena, including telepathy in its various forms. Unfortunately, much of the research at the S.P.R. presented was instantly attacked by religious authorities and by skeptics.

A few decades later, the United States was conducting serious research into E.S.P., telepathy, and other psychic phenomena. Dr. Joseph B. Rhine and other researchers at Duke University severely improved upon the tests initiated by the S.P.R., and published books regarding their tests and conclusions, including the much celebrated ‘Extrasensory Perception’.

Of course, for every research study, there are a multitude of skeptics attempting to disprove the test results. But interest in telepathy has only increased throughout the years, likely first gaining considerable attention by the masses during World War I. During this time, grieving families sought to use telepathy and other forms of Spiritualism in order to communicate with loved ones that had perished during the war.

Today, telepaths are open to a variety of psychic transmissions.

Some telepaths are able to use their ability for divination, as did Nostradamus. This is especially in demand during uncertain or difficult times.

Others claim to be able to read minds, or transfer their own thoughts into another person’s mind. And others find themselves more open to other individual’s emotional states, soaking in cognitive feelings like a sponge. There are also those who concentrate on communicating with those who have passed on.

Other forms of telepathy involve a communicative linking of minds between twins, and sometimes other family members. Even lovers who share an intense emotional bond may experience some sort of telepathic link.

We have previously written on the subject of clairvoyance and telepathic abilities being particularly strong in certain families. This seems to be a constant across cultures and world history.

It is also possible that many individuals experience brief instances of telepathy throughout their lives. A sudden impulse or instinctual behavior can sometimes be attributed to a precognitive or clairvoyant moment.

Those who manage to develop their telepathic abilities find themselves more open to the thoughts and feelings of those around them, as well as heightened instincts. However, telepaths who are unable to adequately control their ability sometimes consider it more of a curse than a gift, as they find themselves unable to turn it off.

This has been theorized to be the source of what has been termed ‘unwanted visions’ down through history. Many of the shamans and medicine men of the ancient world may well have been individuals of this kind – being buffeted by the winds of telepathy with no real control over their experiences.

It has been theorized by some that schizophrenics who hear voices or see visions are in fact receiving a multitude of telepathic transmissions, and simply don’t have the capacity to process these transmissions in a healthy way or cannot stop the flood of mental information. Of course, one must be very careful not to confuse a genuine medical affliction with any sort of Magickal or supernatural influence.

Science has yet to actually prove the existence of telepathy to the satisfaction of skeptics, but extensive studies continue nonetheless. These are studies that often spill over into other Magick-related fields.

We continue to explore the possibilities of telepathy with as much excitement and expectation as ever.

What are your thoughts on telepathy? Do you feel you have ever touched something deeper with another person? Do you feel there is a special connection that some people can use to communicate?

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Blessed Be!

Cormac O’Dwyer
Librarian and Senior Witch