Leo HoroscopeThis particular sign is one that is especially well known. Coming to prominence in the heart of summer, this is a sign that seems to be particularly empowering. You always seem to know a Leo when you meet one.

The sign itself is characterized by the mighty Lion that forms the constellation. Those born under this mighty creature seem to naturally move into positions of responsibility and power as they progress through life. They are people who don’t get too hung up on details – but manage to power through to the goal they need to reach. They are "doing" people - movers and shakers who help move projects and plans to completion.

A natural-born courage seems ingrained into those who are born under Leo. There is a natural strength within them that helps to drive them forward. Often they must search deep within them to let this courage flow – but when it does it is truly spectacular. Often you find Leos in stressful and challenging professions, making the most of themselves. They are often pilots, fire-fighters, good academics and paramedics and natural leaders. Their skill set often makes them highly desirable as employees, and they have an entrepreneurial streak.

Leo is a fire sign. The constellation itself represents the Nemean Lion, which Hercules defeated in ancient Greek myth. The particular curling pattern of the strongest stars in this constellation are often viewed as the lion’s curved tail, or alternatively as the outline of its great curving mane.

Constellation LeoLove and romance often play very important roles in the life and values of a Leo. There is nothing more powerful to those born under this sign, and it is often prioritized in how they act. The saying ‘There’s nothing stronger than love’ could well have been invented for Leos. If they develop a strong romantic connection with someone, they won’t let go any time soon!

Collective: We call people born under this sign of the Zodiac Leos.

A Positive Aspect: Organized and strong of heart, a Leo is someone you can count on. They often can see their way through difficulties and challenges. They know what’s important, and they work hard to make it where they need to be. These are the kind of people you know you can rely on, and they won’t let you down.

A Negative Aspect: Sometimes the natural skills that Leos possess can lead them towards an inflated sense of self-worth. They can sometimes be blinded by the vision they have (ironically), and it can be hard to get through to them when they have an idea that they are in the right. This is one of the downsides of the sign. It’s sometimes a folly trying to convince them of a better way once he or she has made up their minds.

Famous Leos: Neil Armstrong, Coco Channel, Emelia Earhart, Whitney Houston, Ben Affleck.

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